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The S6-HU-1A is a civilian market space heating unit. It is designed to effectively heat a medium to large room, or area.


In early YE39, Section 6 decided to focus their research and development efforts towards civilian oriented projects. So they decided to work on a line of household and public utility items. In early YE40, this space heater among a few other items, were developed and finalized. Safety trials were finished in short order with such a simple device, and is now available on the open market.

Statistical Information

Organization: USO,Section 6
Type: Space heater
Class: Plasma
Designer: Section 6
Manufacturer: Section 6.FSC
Production: 12,000+ a month between S6 and FSC
Price: 100 KS/200 DA
Dimensions: 2ft high by 1ft wide on any side.


The S6-HU-1A heats a medium to large room, or space effectively through a rapid plasma cycling system. Plasma is rapidly cycled through an internal coil, where it heats up the exterior thermal rails, and fins. This allows it to generate a high output of thermal energy making keeping warm in cold climates quick, and efficient. Plasma cycled, runs through the system, then back to its core to be recycled until completely unusable. which at that point, the core must be replaced. A shield is put up around the heating rails and fins to prevent harm to the user.


Power: Plasma core
Heat output: System of heating rails, and radiator fins.
Safety: Internal shield module.
control: A small control screen located on top front of the casing.
Internals: Plasma cycling system, safety sensors, control circuits, shield module, and heat resistant insulation.

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