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USO Dress Uniform

The Dress Uniform is the outfit worn for social, or official functions. Like that of the Sky Guard Standard Flight Suit, it is meant to be a combination of style and functionality. It is made in the USO and available to only U.S.O. personnel.


This uniform was designed by Jack Pine in YE 39. It was not finalized and issued out to USO personnel until several months later.


The coat is adorned with the persons rank, and name on the right breast. While the cap features the USO emblem and the uniform's buttons are tungsten with a blue finish. Finally the when on a starship, or space installation, the user wears an environmentally sealed body suit similar to that of the flight suit made from carbon nano-tubes that provide good small arms protection whilst remaining lightweight. The outer layer is composed of microscopic scales of Graphene for additional protection, but does not have the additional features other than a life support unit found attached to be back of the waist. It can be in the persons flight suit colors (if applicable), or a custom color set.


The uniform consists of a military dress coat, dress shirt, slacks, boots, and cap.


The bill is straight on both sides, with a three sided indent in the front, while the main part of the cap is flat on top and looks like half a cube that has been hollowed with clips on the inside for attachment to the helmet.

Dress Coat

Smooth like that of a normal dress coat, has spots on the shoulders for tassles/ropes, name and rank of the wearer on the right breast, place for medals and honors as well as a pocket on the left breast. A strip that runs along the top of the shoulders running down the arms and meets at the cuffs is colored in the user's secondary colors, but the base color is white.

Dress Pants (Male)

Just like the coat, the Pants are smooth slacks that feature a strip colored in the wearers secondary running down either side of the legs and meets at the pant's cuffs which are likewise in the secondary color. the base color of the pants are white. Pants include standard pockets, back pockets, and also features cargo pockets on five inches below the normal pockets.

Dress Skirt (Female)

A standard formal dress skirt that is white, with a stripe in the wearers secondary running down on both sides of the skirt. The length of the skirt is at the preference of the wearer.

Boots (Male)

Standard combat boots with reinforced plated ankle sections and toes with the default color being black.

High Heel Boots (Female)

Standard dress boots modeled after those of the Yamatai, smooth material, with a two inch heel. Either comes in white with secondary color strip down either side, black, or in the wearer's secondary with a white stripe down either side. The height of the boots is left to the wearer's preference.


Normal cotton, button up dress shirt with right side breast pocket, which can come in white, or the wearer's secondary color, and is Worn planetside.

Environmental Suit

Worn in space, which as stated, is a more slimmer version of the sky guard flight suit without the movement assistance module, and the life support module has been moved to the small of the back. Colors are the same as the Sky Guard flight suit.


A thinner version of the Sky Guard Flight Suit with a more angular design meaning the original smooth curves of the helmet have been replaced with edges giving the helmet a more geometric design. Includes attach points on the top of the helmet for the dress cap to be attached. Same color layout as the Sky Guard Flight Helmet.


  • The coat features the usual decorations such as medals and rank pips. Includes a place on the inside of the right side of the coat for a concealed carry holster.
  • The environment suit covers the feet, and has gloves for the hands. Also has an attach point for a concealed carry holster just above the relocated life support unit.
  • A lighter, thinner version of the flight suit's helmet is provided for use with the environment suit.
  • The cap is attachable to the top of the helmet.

Color Style According to Rank

  • Guardsmen: All white with a stripe along the top of the dress coat shoulders of their flight suit secondary color.
  • Skynight: Same as guardsmen, but with the addition of the stripe continuing along the arms.
  • Flight Leader: Stripes running the over the shoulders along the arms ending in a V shape, and the addition of sword with a pair of wings, both in the pilot's secondary color.
  • Sky Captain: just as the flight leader, but with the additions of the dress coat's cuffs and the dress cap are also in the pilot's secondary color.
  • Task Force Commander: The dress cap, the dress coat's cuffs, and stripes running along the arms and legs are in the pilot's secondary color.
  • Sky Warden: A large pair of wings like pattern is added to the back of the dress coat, with the cuffs, and stripes running along the arms and legs are in the pilot's secondary. The edge of the cap's brim, the tungsten buttons, and tassles that loop over the front of the right shoulder and under the arm leading back to the top are gold.
  • Non-Pilots: Their uniforms are only white.
  • Custom: (player's preference)


This uniform is used for formal as well as social functions, and is meant to be worn neatly with the pieces of clothing worn straightened, clean, and properly adorned with rank, medals, and identification. The cap should always be properly seated on the wears head, and properly straightened.

This uniform can be machine washed, except for the environmental suite for when worn on space installations. It should also should be permed and pressed after washing, then placed on a hanger in a bag to keep it clean.

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