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Sky Guard

The USO Sky Guard is the spacy, or space navy, of the USO. It uses land and air mecha in conjunction with rapid deployment troops and starships. It was founded in YE 39 after a damaged ship landed in the desert of Planet 188-604.

About the Sky Guard

A town named after the crashed landed ship Sybio soon sprang up, and when Alex Tasuki and some Ragnarok troops approached, they made contact and alliances were made. After Alex defeated an ex-soldier mecha pilot in a mecha sparring match, the pilots on the ship, as well as technicians, agreed to learn to pilot the new U-1 Production Model Variable Mecha.

Soon, locals from the planet became interested, as did offworlders, and the ranks swelled. The Sky Guard soon made use of up to present unused Broadsword class light cruisers and became the systems primary force of security.


The sky guard don't have many official policies, however in general their stance is to not attack until provoked, and even then to attack and deal a swift, decisive blow with as few casualties on both sides as possible to disable the enemy force. Prisoners are debriefed in a courteous manner then dropped off at the nearest port. Sky guard pilots and gunners are trained to do damage not to kill their enemies, but to disable their combat potential.

Size of combat groups

  • Flight: A flight is composed of five fighters.
  • Squadron: A squadron is composed of ten flights.
  • Company: A company is composed of five squadrons.
  • Task Force: A taskforce is five or more starships under a single commander.


The Sky Guard has few actual ranks, those being reserved for those with a fixed place within the command structure. Instead it has appointments, given to people when a mission begins to denote a chain of command during combat, and taken away after missions end.


The basic enlisted rank in the Sky Guard, Guardsmen make up the infantry and mechanized infantry of the Guard, as well as its ship crews and maintenance teams.

Sky Knight

Sky Knight is the rank appointed to any guardsman who proves themselves able to pilot a fighter skillfully, they make up the pilots of the guard.

Flight leader

A flight leader is indicated for each flight to denote the pilot with authority over all other pilots in their flight. A flight leader has authority over all pilots, regardless of outside standing.

Sky Captain

One of the ranks given to those in charge of the starships of the Sky Guard, a Sky Captain is the lowest rank available to those given command of a starship. They are the absolute authority on their ship barring orders from a higher up. Sky captains have command over the fighters based upon their ships.

Task Force Commander

The only rank higher than a Sky Captain, a Task Force Commander is the rank given to anyone put in charge of five or more starships working together. They have authority only over their subordinate Sky captains to prevent inflexibility.

Sky Warden

Sky warden is more of an honorific than a rank. They are responsible for organizing task forces when necessary, and are widely regarded as capable individuals, and the suggestions of one are usually listened to. They often serve as pilots or ship captains.


The Sky guard currently has a fleet composed of 34 Broadsword Light Cruisers standing by in orbit of Planet 188-604. These ships can be split off into task forces at any time.

There recently was a deal made with the The Wire Guided to provide the USO and sky guard with 25 Don Quixote class ships. 1 additional ship is being made a month in exchange for 5 percent of the Algaeia on Planet 188-604 per month.


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