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Wz-G3904 Subspace Radar Container YE39

Developed in YE 39, the Subspace Radar Container houses a phased array subspace radar housed inside of a huge size Standard Starship Cargo Containers.

General Characteristics
Type Star Ship Electronics Container
Size Huge SSC
Lifespan 10 Years
Subspace Radar 1 ly range
Consumer Grade Datapad Clusters
Generator Hyperspace Taps x2
Battery Backup Super capacitor Power Storage
EW Hardening Hardened against EMP and Scalar attacks


The Subspace Radar Container was developed to work along side the Thermal Telescope Container that was created to replace the thermal/optical sensor system on the C5 starship.

By changing the sensor system from one large sensor, to an array of smaller sensors, the C5 traded a reduction in resolution at extreme ranges for a larger variety of swapable sensor systems that collectively would be more effective at normal engagement ranges.


The radar itself is a conventional subspace radar, that uses various FTL and space warping components to generate a real-time image of objects up to a light year away. Like all FTL sensor systems, it is vulnerable to jamming and various methods of FTL sensor stealth.

The sensor array itself is located on one end of the container, with the various other components held towards the middle for balance. It has its own cooling systems, a Scale Datapad cluster for control and a pair of hyperspace taps for power. Like similar containers, there are also coolant, power, and data ports inset into the container that can be accessed by removing exterior pannels.

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