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Thermal Telescope Container YE 39

Developed in YE 39, the Thermal Telescope Container houses a single 3.8meter wide thermal telescope inside of a huge size Standard Starship Cargo Containers.

General Characteristics
Type Wz-G3903 Star ship Electronics Container
Size Huge SSC
Lifespan 10 Years
Designer Heram J. Wazu
3.8 meter diameter Thermal Telescope unlimted range
Consume Grade Datapad Clusters
EW Hardening Hardened against EMP and Scalar attacks
Generator Hyperspace Taps x2
Battery Backup Super capacitor Power Storage
Design is distributed under a DBAD license.
Available from Frontier Manufacturing Service for 1500 KS


The Thermal Telescope Container was developed to replace the thermal telescope built into the core of the C5-01a. While the original telescope was was very capable, it was also very large and lacked the swap-out capabilities of the other parts on the C5.

The replacement telescope is a lot smaller, and has a comparable reduction in capability. Ultimately since space combat takes place within a few light-seconds, losing out on high resolution of very far off targets did not seem like a big problem. The thermal telescope can still detect objects radiating heat, and is more than sensitive enough for standard operations in space.


The telescope itself is embedded deep inside the container, with the sides of the container forming a shroud to help block out signals from off axis. Its own cooling systems are contained within, along with aScale Datapad cluster for control and a pair of hyperspace taps for power. This leaves the bulk of the container empty, with most of the equipment clustered around the center of the container for balance. There are also coolant, power, and data ports inset into the container that can be accessed by removing exterior pannels.

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