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The Throne Of Brass

A huge factory complex on the planet 188604, The Throne Of Brass is a rare ground-based operation built by the Freespacer group “The Wire Guided” in order to proliferate the Liquid Ally, as well as experimenting with new genetic materials.

Construction primarily used industrial junkers provided by Steelrender Lycosidae, though a moderate amount of manual labourers from the surrounding city were also hired. Construction began in early YE 39, but as with most spacer structures, there is unlikely to be an 'end' point unless the local USO government intervenes.

Construction Details & Local Access

The compound is about two miles at its widest, built on a small pre-existing algae lake within the north-western slums of Osman City. Almost all of it is common metals, except for the nuclear fuel in its reactor. The local populace was at first angered by this development, but were eventually swayed by the prospect of free electricity, healthcare, food and purified water for anyone who works for the factory.

As of the founding, it employs 4000 locals, 2000 non-native spacers, 800 industrial junkers and 150 deathcrawlers. Security is generally quite lax if a person works for the facility, but anyone who is not directly ratified by the Wire Guided, including official USO personnel, is subject to being ejected from the facility if they are found tampering with the machines, or attempting to access any of the underground elements of the complex.


The factory compound currently includes:

West Garden Domes 1 to 4

Large geodesic domes filled with thousands of massive algae-producing vats, with vast multi-story interiors and glass floors. They are by no means air tight, yet are still so large that they can recycle vast amounts of fresh water by means of condensation. 3,650,000,000 Calorie-Tons of food can be theoretically be produced yearly, enough to feed two and a half million people!

East Garden Domes 1 and 2

Smaller, more technically minded structures built to hydroponically breed ground-dwelling plants, particularly the fruit-bearing kind. It doesn't freeze-dry well for space storage, and thus is mostly used for export and feeding the workforce. Yearly product is about one million Calorie-Tons.

The Maker's Soul

A 160 foot highly efficient cylindrical nuclear pile that provides electricity both to the other buildings, as well as much of the shanty town at it's feet. It's said that the command and control centre lies directly beneath this structure as an assurance of mutual destruction should it fail, but as all knowledge of the underground is off limits, it's not exactly like that line of inquiry can be ratified…

The Maker's Altar

A absolutely behemoth black pyramid topped with what looks like a board game hotel, “the altar” is actually a huge automata factory, 140 foot tall and 200 foot wide at the base. It's the chief R&D centre for the Liquid Ally as well as future Wire Guided assets.

The Maker's Crown

A ring of thin brass towers 400 foot in diameter, the “crown” is actually mostly hollow, mostly serving as a massive polysentience relay dish for the surrounding four light-years of space. It can reach more than 800 degrees Celsius at the very centre due to the microwave transmission. The facility has it's own workforce of Junkers to stop local people from wandering in and getting cooked, but of course that doesn't stop some rogue teenagers from trying.

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