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Twin Emitter Heat Blade

Developed in YE 39, the Twin Emitter Heat Blade is a weapon designed by Section 6 for carving through heavy material.

About the Twin Emitter Heat Blade

The Twin Emitter Heat Blade uses a pair of blades heated through thermal induction to carve and burn through material at the same time. The blades are designed to withstand the high temperatures, though they degrade quickly when in use.

When not in use, the blades can be retracted into the gauntlet that houses the power source. They move upward and slide towards the back before locking into place on either side of the gauntlet. When in use they slide up and then forward, locking into place in front of the guantlet. The blades curving forward slightly, with the hottest part of the blade being the section on the bottom of the point while the top is dull and not meant for cutting.

When the blades are degraded, they can be ejected from the gauntlet entirely, being tossed forward while the mechanism retracts into the gauntlet, two more blades locking into place from either side before deploying forward again.

Nomenclature Information

  • Designer: Section 6
  • Manufacturer: Section 6
  • Name: Twin Emitter Heat Blade
  • Nomenclature: U-TEHB
  • Type: Hot Blade
  • Role: Anti-material
  • Length: .7 meters extended
  • Weight: 2.1 lbs


The heat blade is a boxy gauntlet that can slide over a power armor (or unarmored) individual's wrist and forearm. It contains a pair of blades on either side that can extend outward for cutting. These blades are slightly curved at the end for getting better grip on objects. The entire aparatus is a dull grey normally.

Ammunition (Or 'Energy Source' if applicable)

  • Ammunition: High Strength Composite Material Blades.
  • Round Capacity: 3 pairs of replacement blades total.

Weapon Mechanisms

  • Loading: The weapon is loaded with additional blades by opening the forearm compartment, letting the covering flip forward, and sliding fresh blades down into the receiver.


The gauntlet can hold 3 pairs of replacement blades, and can be reloaded by adding in more blade cartriges.

OOC notes

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