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U-G3801 Hyperspace Tap Generator

The U-G3801 is a line replaceable, compact hyperspace tap designed to power anything in scale from a small craft up to full sized starships, cities, and projects.


The generator itself is a descendant of the nepleslian G3101, and uses a similar hyperspace tap with slight build quality improvements wrapped inside of a case designed for ease of use and deployment. The design was originally envisioned by Heram J. Wazu in YE 34 as an update to the G3101, and was finished by Uso's Star Organization in YE 39 when the treasure trove of old, unfinished, designs were made available.

The USO then began producing the device in what for them was a large scale, churning out dozens of units in the first few weeks through the fabricators taken from the Pumpkin Eater.


The G3801 is about the size of a coffin, 1.5 meters long and .7 meters wide with inset handles on the top and sides for lifting. A removable panel on the front hides the power, warm coolant, and cold coolant, and data connections as well as the detachable display, manual power toggle, and status lights.

While it is enough to simply connect a power cable to the yellow power connection then push the manual power toggle up for 'ON', for best results a liquid based coolant needs to be provided to the device through the cold 'IN' port and the hot 'OUT' port.

Advanced features of the device such as quality of service monitoring can be accessed through the datapad attached to the front of the device, accessed wirelessly, or centrally managed through a physical data port on the front of the device.

For starship use, it is expected that the device will be mounted in racks with several of the generators stacked ontop of one another. Brackets and screws provided with the generator on the inside of the removable front panel are used to physically connect the generator to the mounting racks. Once the device has been put in place and had the front panel removed, data, coolant, and power cables are then connected and locked into place.

While a small space craft can be run off 1 or 2 of the generators, larger starships usually require a stack of dozens of generators about the same size as a regular 'single, large' type reactor.


The U-G3801 has no interior moving parts. Outside it has two heavy duty clips to hold the power cable in place as well as the moving physical power toggle on the front.

Clean coolant fluid should be used, and dirty fluids can degrade the performance of the device.

If the device is damaged, or the exterior casing broken, the device requires a full rebuild as it is not designed to be serviced.



Unlike the G3101, the G3801 has no smart metal exterior and has an exterior made of Durandium Alloy.

Coolant Hookup

On the front of the device are colored connectors, a blue for cold coolant and a red to expel hot coolant.


two handles are inset into the device on either side, and two more on the top. The handles have enough interior space for a normal sized human to grab them comfortably.

Hyperspace Tap

Buried deep in the device is a Hyperspace Tap, a complex machine that accelerates entropy in the surrounding space in exchange for generating massive amounts of power.

Management Display

A generic datapad is attached to the front of the device, and can be used to access the management features of the machine such as quality of service reports, hardware status, timers, output controls, and predictive failure reports. This datapad can be removed from the device, and will wirelessly interface with it unless that feature is disabled.

Mounting Points

The interior of the front and rear of the case has spots to screw in brackets to hold the device in place.

Network connection

Located in the center of the front control panel is a single data port to allow for wired remote management of the generator.

Power Hookup

Located on the right, upper, front is a heavy duty power connector with heavy duty clips to attach the generator to a power grid

Power Toggle

The G3801 uses a power toggle instead of an emergency shut off. When this toggle is set to 'off' the device is forcefully shut down, though it can be restarted by the toggle being set to the upward 'on' position. While in the on position, the device's power state can be remotely controlled and be switched on or off as needed.

Warning Lights

There are four warning lights along the front of the device that show if the device is ON, if it is receiving sufficient coolant, if it is connected to an exterior power system, and if it is connected to a wired data connection. If all four lights are a solid red then it indicates the device has been damaged and needs to be replaced.

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