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W3902 Sub munition Dispenser

Developed in YE 39 for the U1 series of craft, the W3902 is a multi-purpose sub-munition deployment system primarily designed for ground support operations.

W3902 on transport assembly
Ammunition Capacity 44 Rounds
Length 2.2 Meters
Width 1 Meter


The W3902 is a small, pod based version of the Na-FA4-M3200. As the U1 does not carry weapons internally, this dispenser is housed in an aerodynamic shell that is hardened to withstand the rigors of atmospheric and space flight. The intended payload for the W3902 is a series of small missiles designed mainly for ground support operations such as smoke screen or recon drone deployment.


The W3902 uses 80mm guided missiles. The size was chosen so that there would be part commonality between the ammunition of this dispenser and the W3900 Coil Gun designed for the U1. While the ammunition can be used interchangeably between the weapons, the rounds released from the W3902 move much slower and are far less damaging on impact.

Smoke Screen

This 80mm Round includes a small rocket motor and very basic navigational systems that allow a destination to be set prior to launch and little else, the weapon does its best to reach the intended target area before releasing a thick cloud of smoke to block line of sight. While the metallic smoke powder blocks visible light and radar it does not block thermal sensors.

Damage Tier 0
Range, Atmospheric 100 km
Speed Mach 2

Sprinkle Drone

This 80mm drone carries a basic anti-gravity drive, sensor system, and subspace radio along with a 24 hour battery life. The drone can scoot about up to 40 meters in the air at 80km/hr while relaying back video data of the target area.

Damage Tier 0
Range, Atmospheric 24hr battery life
Speed 80km/hr

High Explosive Anti Armor

This 80mm mini missile carries an extremely powerful, high endurance rocket motor and guidance system. It has a high explosive warhead which detonates on contact or on proximity if the missile misses its target. It is the go-to ammunition for missile launching weapons.

Damage Tier 6
Range 80km
Area of Effect 5 meter diameter
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