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The U2 Armored Airlock Module is a hastily designed modification of the U2ACM designed in YE 40 for quickly adding an airlock to underwater facility.


The U2AAC was very hastily designed, and the front of the machine shows it. The airlock clamping module added to the front of the design was put together so quickly, some of the add on arms block the forward facing sensors and lights that were built into the U2ACM. The cockpit area was also hastily removed, but since this area also contained the power plant for the craft, an awkward indention is left on the right side of the interior that soldiers have to move around in order to disembark.

The breach module itself uses directed explosives to quickly cut a hole in the hull, and a series of pile drivers around the door area to forcefully lock the module against a hull. Various quick acting gel injectors then fill any small breches that may allow air to escape. The gel is designed to work even in extreme pressures with some help from the craft's force field generators.

Once the lock is established, the interior door can be opened. Using the rear door and the front door of the craft together allows it to function as an additional airlock.

The small size of the U2ACM allows for only 3 soldiers and a pilot, but the enlarged frontal area of the U2AAM allows for 5 soldiers and no pilot. The craft is designed to be remotely operated either by the soldiers inside using a datapad along with a basic piloting app, or by a remote operator using the control application. There is no dedicated pilot area as the entire interior is used for the airlock module.


During operations against Psychopomp LLC,Section 6 found that they lacked a way to assult an underwater facility without also destroying that facility.

A quick request was put in with Vier and Heram J. Wazu who put together the U2ACM design along with the original test models on extremely short notice going from computer aided design to prototypes in only a few hours.


The U2AAM looks like a big box wedged between two angular panels that would have otherwise made up the sleek front of the U2ACM it was built upon. The forward section has a flat front face, with a squishy cover around the edges designed to make a tight seal. Located further out from this cover are small arms holding the explosively-activated pile drivers that lock the module into place.

Exactly like the U2ACM, there are headlights and sensors on the front, however their forward view is blocked by the airlock arms. Wheels are inset into the angular panels on the side, and the flat rear has street legal running lights.

Statistical Information

Organization: Uso's Star Organization
Type: Armored Airlock Module
Class: U2AAM
Designer: Heram J. Wazu
Manufacturer: Uso's Star Organization

Passenger Capacity: 5

Length: 6m
Width: 3m
Height: 2m


Ground speed: 120KPH
Space speed: 0.05c

Damage Capacity

SARPv3 Tier: Tier 4, medium armor

Shields: Bubble


The interior of the craft just has a no-slip surface attached, and is otherwise clean and flat with the exception of a bulky bulge on the right hand side towards the front that covers the generator. It has enough space for 5 people to stand (albiet, slightly crouching) along with hand-holds in case the ride gets bumpy.

Craft Systems

The U2AAC has the same systems as the U2ACM with the exception of having the pilot's seat removed, a pair of additional sensors added to the front, and an airlock module/clamps.

The interior also contains a pair of pressure regulators

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