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U4gcm Minotaur

U4gcm Minotaur
Statistics & Performance
Class Uso-M1-1A
Type General Combat Mecha
Designer USO
Manufacturer USO
Production Mass
Cost 40,000KS
Min 1
Optimal 1
Max 1
Emergency 1
Height 24m
Width 14m
Height 6m
Width 16m
Length 20m
Propultion & Range
Running 100Km/h
Skimming 120 Km/h
Atmo. Mach 1
Vacuum .15c
Damage Capacity
Base Tier 8
Armour Heavy
Sheild Tier 8

The Minotaur is the USO's new variable ground combat mecha. The Minotaur is an easier to use mecha, as it uses both a harness that supports and copies the movements of the user as well as reads thoughts for controlling the mecha's onboard systems, thrusters and flight.

About the U4gcm Minotaur

The Minotaur is a general combat mecha, intended for use on the ground or in space as heavily armored units, analogous to tanks, but with better maneuverability. It is also heavily armed, designed to pose a threat to both small or medium starships as well as fighters. It is vulnerable when in the air, so it is most often used in low flight or ground skating.

Key Features

The Minotaur is a heavily armed combat centric mecha. Its control systems are designed with rookies in mind, with voice and thought activation for functions such as thrusters, sensors, and displays. It is not as maneuverable when in flight compared to other mechas.


The Minotaur is capable of transforming from a tank mode into a mecha mode, and vice versa. In tank mode it lays down, its arms and legs rotating to allow the tracks to contact the ground. In this configuration, it looks like a capital H. The middle is composed of the torso, and the lines are made of the limbs. Then sections of armor move from all sides to fill up the gaps and make the tank mode into a box on the front and back. The main gun on the back is the main turret in this form.


The Minotaur was designed in YE 39 to serve as the mainstay of USO ground mechanized forces. It was deemed necessary since the U-1 Production Model Variable Mecha was better suited to air and space superiority than to extended ground combat, due to its light armor. And so, the Minotaur was developed. More durable, easy to repair and simpler to construct than the U-1, it was easily able to be made inside the manufacturing bays of the Mothership "White Lament".


The Minotaur is a far cry from its predecessor, the U-1. It is blockier, more visibly “tanky” than it, and contrasts heavily with the sleek lines of the U-1. It is quite clearly designed with only combat effectiveness, and not aesthetics in mind, and somewhat resembles a giant in a suit of boxy armor.

Its head resembles that of a human wearing a helmet, albeit an extremely blocky one, and its eyes are a polygonal imitation of human eyes that glow blue when the machine is activated. The arms look less like a sophisticated machine and more like someone wearing cardboard boxes with a bit of shaping work done on them, and the autocannons in the forearms are mounted inside another armor block. The legs take a similar style, and the torso is blocky as well, with the center of the chest bulging out slightly to support and protect the cockpit, which is located inside.

It has treads on the back of each arm and leg. The tracks are separated by a section of limbs, such as upper and lower arms, or calves section and ankle section.


The interior of the Minotaur is fairly spacious, with a semi reclined seat to hold the pilot in place. There are harnesses for the arms and legs that are linked to a system that slaves the movements of the Minotaur's limbs to them, making it easier to pilot for rookies. There is a helmet with a mind to machine control system for thrusters, sensors and other systems that cannot be accessed while in the harness. There are four displays, two on the left and right that show views to either side of the mecha, one main screen that shows the front view, and a small display above the main one that shows a rear view.

The harness contains shock padding, as does the helmet which is suspended in place, to prevent the pilot from getting whiplash.

Weapons Systems

The Minotaur uses a large number of built-in weapon systems. This reduces the profile of the vehicle, making it more suitable for moving about difficult terrain.

Built in Autocannons

Built into each forearm is the autocannon from the Gumdrop Weapon Platform, modified to shoot armor piercing HE rounds, and has an extended ammunition storage, which holds up to 500 rounds.

Damage: Tier 7, light anti mecha
Capacity: 1000 rounds, armor piercing HE
ROF: 500 RPM
Range: 5000 meters planetary, theoretically unlimited in space

Head mounted EMP projector

Built into the head, on either side of it, is an EMP projector, also from the Gumdrop Weapon Platform, which is intended to be used at point defense against missiles, and is also useful for disabling power armors by frying their electronics.

Damage: Tier 6, heavy anti armor, shields and electronics only
Capacity: Unlimited, focused radio waves
ROF: continuous
Range: 3000 meters

125mm gauss cannon

On the back of the mecha is a turret mounting a 125mm gauss cannon. When in tank form this is the main turret. However, when in mecha form, the cannon separates from the turret and folds over the shoulder like a recoilless rifle. After each use, it has to fold back into the turret to reload.

Damage: Tier 9, heavy anti mecha
Capacity: 200 rounds
ROF: 12 RPM continuous, 1 round every 5 seconds
Range: 45,000 meters


The Minotaur has multiple hardpoints designed to mount the Kernel Mini Missile System. There are four hardpoints in total. Their locations are as follows;

  • 1 hardpoint on either shoulder in mecha mode, on the sides facing left and right in tank mode
  • 1 hardpoint on either piece of shin armor in mecha mode, on the rear armor facing up in tank mode

Onboard Systems Descriptions

The Minotaur largely uses equipment available to USO through its various exploits. This makes the vehicle very familiar to those who have worked on USO equipment already, and provides a large amount of cross compatibility with other equipment.


The Minotaur uses Imaging Scanners located on its torso, as well as LADAR scanners mounted near the imaging scanners. In its head, it has a Wz-G3802 Small Optical Sensor for optical sensing.


The Minotaur is built out of space age metals with an inner frame that serves as a skeleton, inspired by the sort used by Origin Industries in their mecha. This provides a stable internal skeleton with an outer armor that provides excellent protection with medium weight.

Life Support

The Minotaur has life support systems that maintain oxygen balance, humidity and cockpit pressure. There is also an inertial damping system for the cockpit.


Power is provided by two internal Hyperspace taps. These Hyperspace taps provide unlimited power for the mecha and are located in the upper and lower torso sections.


Propulsion is provided by a Inertialess Drive. This freespacer tech allows the bulky Minotaur to maneuver despite its size and serves to reduce stress on the craft by damping inertia. There are also treads on the rear of its limbs for use in tank mode.


A shield projector in the torso of the craft provides two bubble shields. While there are two shields, they take up the same area of space, and so form a double layer. Each shield is a different type. The first is Gravitic shields, and the second is electromagnetic.

OOC Notes

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