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U5 Wheeled Transport

The U5 was a hastily assembled wheeled transport designed by the USO in YE 39 for short trips around the planet. It is well suited for desert operations with ample storage space and multiple redundant wheels that give it great traction in the muddy sand of the planet.

About the U5

The U5 doesn't have a lot in terms of features. It has a large battery built into the front of the vehicle that serves as a source of power, electric motors in the wheels, mechanical suspension, and little else. The transport doesn't have running lights, communications equipment, or air conditioning.

Mission Specializations

  • Short trips, planetary


The basic STV has the following measurements:

  • 4m (16.4') long
  • 2m (10.8') wide
  • 1.3m (8.2') tall

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Body: Tier 2


The U5 has 18 wheels clustered in groups of three with full all wheel drive. There are two 3 wheel hubs in the front on either side, and 4 hubs in the back on either side of the main body. The front of the vehicle has a wedge shaped battery compartment with a charging port on the front underside. The flat bed of the vehicle is covered by a roll cage, and has four seats, two facing forward, two facing rear, with enough space for another set of two seats in the rear if needed.

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