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U7 Transport

The U7 transport was jointly developed by Uso's Star Organization and Ragnarok in YE 39. It is a simple transport craft designed mainly for handling the logistical needs of the Ragnarok PMC and can easily be converted from a civilian transport to a military craft should the need arise.

About the U7MD

The U7 was designed to serve primarily in logistics roles, but with extra thought given to how it would work within the Ragnarok PMC. It is built to be durable, and has military-like features such as a front unloading 'assult ramp', large side doors, and ample lift capacity. It also has numerous engines, positioned for quick hovering or reverse movement. This makes it very suitable for use as a dropship for the PMC's infantry.

For the USO, the large amount of storage space, relatively small size, and ease of production make it a suitable replacement for the numerous freighters they had to purchase to run operations on the planet. Due to the small size of the organization, being able to quickly configure the transport for combat missions is a huge plus.


The U7 has a soap-bar style appearance, with small delta wings towards the rear, and a pair of pelican-style stabilizers. There are four forward facing engines protruding from the sides on the rear, as well as two large clusters of engines on the back. The center section has four large doors that open outward, and the front tapers down to a nose, with a cockpit on top and an assault ramp on the bottom that leads right into the main cargo bay.

Statistics and Performance

The U7 uses modern technology, but otherwise isn't very exceptional in terms of speed.


  • Class: U7
  • Type: Transport
  • Designers: USO, Ragnarok, FSC
  • Manufacturer: USO
  • Fielded by: USO / FSC / Ragnarok


Crew: 2, (Pilot, Co-pilot) Normal Capacity: 22 (2 crew, 20 soldiers)

The U7 has lots of transport space, though it is designed to sleep 20 soldiers in close quartes.


  • Length: 40 meters
  • Width: 26 meters
  • Height: 10 meters
  • Decks: 2

Propulsion and Range

  • Hyperspace Fold Drive: 0.5 ly/m
  • Sublight Engines: 0.25c (74,948 km/s)
  • Lifespan: 10 Years
  • Refit Cycle: Yearly

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Hull, Tier: 9
  • Shield, Tier: 9

Inside the Ship

The interior of the ship is fairly minimal. It is designed to allow the crew to function in deep space for a few days, and is not intended for long-term habitation.

Deck Layout

The ship has two decks, the top deck is where the crew and living quarters are, and this space is located in the front of the craft. The lower deck mainly contains empty cargo space.


On the right side of the ship is the crew barracks, this room holds 20 bunks and has enough space for crew members to store basic supplies.


The command area of the ship has two FMS Aerospace Seating System's suspended side by side, with control consoles around them, as well as two additional consoles behind them on either side. The side to side vision of the cockpit is blocked somewhat by the hull of the craft, though there is ample view both above and below through the transparent durandium hull.

Crew Area

Directly behind the cockpit is the main crew area of the ship. It is a large, open, room with seats around the sides and doors that lead further into the ship. in the center is a single large table with volumetric displays built in. This table can also double as a command and control room.


Though some equipment such as life support can be reached through pannels in the floor, the majority of the gear on the craft is not serviceable without a space suit.


The left side of the ship has a small kitchen area with basic food prep equipment, as well as utility gear such as a washing machine for clothing. This area is usually stocked with whatever basic gear a group of 20 soldiers will need for day to day readiness.

Ship Systems

Armor and Hull composition: Durandium Alloy Main Computer: Scale Datapad Life Support: Liquid Ally Propulsion: U-G3901 Ram Augmented Gravity Drive x8 (two rearward clusters of 4) Manuvering: U-G3901 Ram Augmented Gravity Drive x4 (4 reverse facing engines)

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