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Uso's Star Organization

Uso's Star Organization, Usotza, Ragna-World, Uso's Superior Organization, or whatever it is being called at the moment is a loose collection of people, organizations, and nations working for or with Uso herself for mutual gain.

In YE 38 Uso hired Raphael and the PMC Ragnarok to take over a small backwater planet that was only named by the map-coordinates it had. Before the end of the Year, Uso would have gathered a small following, and had turned the planet into a profitable enterprise.

Where others have long codified legal systems, this organization is making it all up as it goes along. But along with the chaos comes much opportunity, for those that want to join up.

Ad Hoc Leadership at its finest

Uso Tasuki, Aspiring Tyrant of 188604. Uso is the de-facto leader of Uso's Star Organization. Though she doesn't have direct control over the resources, territory, and military she does have some measure of control over the people that do through personal relationships, reciprocal deals, or money. Listed below are the associates that make up the organization and the allies which assist.


Ragnarok PMC

Cyrus, leader of Ragnarok, and the military leader of the Organization. He controls the majority of ground forces and is working with Uso to expand his PMC.

Uso ProvidesRagnarok Provides
Money –>←- Security

Button-less Brigadiers

Codebreaker Arccos Two Three 52-9683-7587, High Sheriff of Ragna-City, Self-Determined Thieftaker General of 188604, Spacer, and honorary captain of the Mothership "White Lament". Arccos has attained her position as law-bringer through a combination of personal talent and command of nuclear equipped robot spiders.

Day to day law enforcement is done through locally recruited deputies, and police operatives known by the running nickname the 'Buttonless Brigadiers'. The name being a reference to Arccos' theft of their previous uniforms' buttons early on in the group's formation in order to both strip them of old rank insignia as a symbolic gesture to demonstrate equality, and analyze local metals found in the buttons themselves. The Brigadiers act as a form of independent and autocratic law enforcement agency. They are trusted by the Sheriff to mediate disputes in the community, and bring in offending criminals to face public trial. Failure to provide fair mediation, or abuse of power is punished harshly by the Sheriff herself.

The Brigade's influence is felt far more than in the hand of the law, as they are also responsible for distributing and enforcing local work orders, as well as redistributing surplus in a fair and equitable manner. In effect they are a form of civil service which is entrenched both in law enforcement, as well as industrial sectors.

Uso ProvidesSpacers Provide
Resources –>←- Manufacturing, Civil Law Enforcement

Local Planetary Government

Aaron Grant, leader of the government responsible for the local population of Planet 188-604

Uso ProvidesGrant's Government Provides
Security, Modernization, Technology, Education–>←- Labor

Sky Guard

The Sky Guard was created in YE 39 after a damaged ship landed in the desert of the planet. It isn't a proper military per se, but rather a loose group with no ranks who all seem to report Alex Tasuki for some reason. The Sky Guard is a formidible group, with Local human and offworld pilots making up its surprisingly large ranks.

USO ProvidesSky Guard Provides
A base of operations, money, craft –>←- Training for locals, planetary and system security


Uso and the I'ee Joint Technology Expedition struck a deal in YE 38 where the I'ee would be provided with technology and weapons in exchange for building up the infrastructure of Planet 188-604

Uso ProvidesI'ee Provide
Technology –>←- Infrastructure

Section 6

Section 6 originally started as a small group run by Jack Pine. It has expanded to include a little bit of everything, and can largely operate on its own, contributing various capabilities to USO projects

Uso ProvidesS6 Provide
Technology, Resources–>←- Technology, Military force, Project Management

Osman Heavy Industries

Osman Heavy Industries A newly started company based out of Osman City on 188604.

Frontier Service Corp

The Frontier Service Corporation is a company that cut a deal to oversee production on 188604, though it has a troubled history working with other groups in the USO, it does run Howard Station, the space station over Osman City on 188604.

Uso ProvidesFSC Provides
Technology, Resources–>←- Production Capacity, Project Management

Reoccurring Villains

In addition to the groups USO works with, there are several that have appeared who have aligned themselves against the USO… or at least not entirely with them

4th Elysian Empire

The The 4th Great Elysian Celestial Empire seeks to carve out its own territory int he west, and this has often led it to running operations against the USO just as often as it works to help. Relations are tense at best.


MORGAN is a leftover from the NMX wars of old, originally left in the western expanse as a rearguard action against the SAoY. After several years without further instruction, MORGAN started to pursue its own interests in the area.


Psychopomp LLC, the corporation behind various projects including those related to Jack Pine and Alex Tasuki. Their operators have managed to kill several members of the USO.

Currently Uso herself is involved in a power struggle with the PsychoPomp board of directors as they fight over control of the company.

Van Banning

Van Banning, Venture Capitalist, Pro Tax-Haven, Anti-Government. She has purchased an area of 188604 for her own use, a sovereign enclave in the shape of a hexagonal tower. In YE 39 Van Banning attempted to cause an international incident to prompt a Nepleslian invasion and take over of Planet 188-604 through planting a mind-control device inside of Alex Tasuki. The situation quickly spiraled out of control and currently Van Banning is not welcome anymore.


The Star Organization is fairly unique, existing as a cross between a nation, city-state, corporation, and cult of personality. All types of people can be found within, and value is placed very highly on the ability to get things done. Becoming the De-Facto person to go to for something is often the quickest way to become the Official person to go to. Agreements should be consensual and mutually beneficial. These general aims are enforced at Uso's and her lawbringer's discretion, giving people a lot of freedom to act but very little structure or support to do it with. This leads to a high level of uncertainty in members who may not be well aware of what is expected from them or how they may be punished for transgressions.

Planet 188604

The people of Planet 188604 also have their own culture which has been heavily disrupted by the arrival of aliens from space, leaving the survivalist population in shock as they adapt to their new reality.

Everyone Else

The USO has lots of different groups participating. There is very much an air of anything goes among most who participate.


Though USO's technology started out largely as equipment received through payments or reciprocal deals. By YE 40 much of the equipment used was being produced and designed locally by an increasing number of technology development groups.

The available list of gear can be seen here.



Planet 188-604
aka, 'Usotza', 'Ragna-World', 'Camur'
General Characteristics
Gravity 0.8G
Population 1.5 Billion
Climate Cool, Dry, and Sandy
188604 was an underdeveloped, largely ignored world on the edges of the Kyoto sector until Uso came along with her uplifting operation. The planet now serves as the capital for the organization.


Planet B7R-604
*uninhabited side of the planet.
General Characteristics
Gravity 0.96G
Atmospheric Pressure 0.93 atm
Atmospheric Composition Nitrogen 76%, Oxygen 22%, Other 2%
Population ~550 million
Satellites 2 Natural
Climate Cool, Dry, and Sandy
Originally an uninhabitable world, B7R604 started undergoing a terraforming operation by the original colonists years ago. They have formed one of the continents into a tropical paradise, though as of YE39, that was largely burned and ravaged by Rixxikor colonists, USO, and various unfortunate circumstances. The FSC and USO are sticking around to help fix some of the damage they caused.

Surrounding Area

The USO has recently discovered the Rohini System nearby. Colonization plans are in progress.

Other nearby areas include:


The Economy of USO may seem backward to many, as it still heavily uses physical currency due to a lack of electronics and people who are savvy in the use of digital currency among the local population of the planet 188604.

Value is largely determined by what the object can be traded for. The massive amount of Algaeia on the planet is largely worthless to the locals due to the abundance. Anyone who can walk to the water's edge can find the life-sustaining food-plant. However to Spacer's who are not on the planet, the stuff is worth its weight in gold so long as it long with the fresh water it contains can be transported to them.

Locals to 188604 also value animals and fruits highly. Although there is plenty of food for the creatures, it is very difficult to keep them alive in the harsh biosphere.


Uso's Star Organization first few flags were put together by a new hire and quickly gained favor with much of the crew. Of the designs presented, two ended up in circulation and were used interchangeably throughout the end of YE 38.


Small, but growing. USO has a small fleet of ships that it can call upon for various duties. Though a proper fleet of ships is in construction for military matters, the majority of the fleet is made up of second hand ships re-purposed for uplifting operations.

Queen's Slave
Name Queen's Slave
Type Modified Freighter

The Queen's slave was one of the first ships brought to Planet 188-604 and was originally responsibly for ferrying the crew around, acting as sleeping quarters, and handling supply runs to Nepleslia. It has sense been converted for moving large amounts of cargo containers and liquids, and as of YE38 is primarily used for transporting sellable goods to the freespacers.

Mounted in the cockpit is a 10cm x 20cm plaque made of copper; 2 cm thick. Engraved with a mural of 188604, the I'ee homeworld, Ee'ee, and the JTE positioned between. Beneath are engraved the words: “Thank you, Uso! I love you! - Sammy”

Wild Rabbit
Name Wild Rabit
Type Modified Freighter

Purchased second-hand, this freighter was converted for remote control use and was employed during Operation Bright Venom as a distraction to pull the NMX fleet into position for the attack. The ship also saw action at the Freehold Factory and star system B7R-604. The Wild Rabbit was destroyed on Nepleslia Prime in YE 39 when Flynn Blackburn remotely crashed the ship into an enemy facility.

Name Junket3
Captain Tiberius 'Eight Ball' Aldrich
Type Customized Freighter

The personal ship of Tiberius 'Eight Ball' Aldrich. This ship serves as his home base.

Pumpkin Eater
Name Pumpkin Eater
Captain Aashi Nath Werner
Type Heavy Freighter
Modifications no fabrication bay

A heavy freighter bought during the third month of operations on 188604. This ship was procured largely for its fabrication bay which was cut out of the ship and installed in a factory planetside. This has formed much of the basis for building up the planet's industrial capacity. The rest of the ship has been given to Aashi Nath to do as she sees fit.

Name Arccos
Captain corgan_garret
Type Dropship

Uso Tasuki picked up the plans for the unfinished Jiyu Light Freighter and worked with corgan_garret to finalize the ship's design. They used mostly parts from Geshrinari Shipyards with a few modifications. Corgan intended to use the Freighter as a Dropship for his band of Ragnarok mercenaries. He named his personal Sand Demon the Arccos after the woman he loved, Codebreaker Arccos Two Three 52-9683-7587.

USOS Corgan Garret
Name USOS Corgan Garret
Type Medical Ship

Named after one of the original member's of USO's crew that had the most concern for the locals, the USOS Corgan Garret is a large transport that is being configured for medical operations and is currently assigned to the Skyguard.

Uso Fleet Production


From Dumont

Also, to clear up the 'what's the deal with the faction' thing:

USO is more or less the 'head out west to make your fortune' faction. A bunch of relative nobodies from space decided to leave the quagmire of imperial rule to find a simpler planet where they can all be big fish in a far smaller pond. From there, you're dumped in the desert then told to do something useful and if you've got the moxie you can readily find purchase to whatever ambitions you wish to shoot for.

For the most part, you're not given much instruction or supervision, but if you're willing to put in the effort you're surrounded by people who are willing to invest in just about anything you can do. It's not a group you want to join if you want given missions with set objectives, and goals that are defined by someone other than you.

The end result is a mishmash of different groups with different goals, mostly held together by existing in a state of permanent mexican standoff with an agreement to team up and shoot anyone who moves in to upset that balance. A group which is less 'crew of a ship' and more 'rogue's gallery', with megalomaniac nekos wanting to game the universe, would-be freespacer revolutionaries, mercenary armies looking to make it big, and restaurant owners looking to create their own fantasy kingdoms.

While there are push-button plots within the faction those are usually rather far between, so you'll do best if you decide that you want to shoot for something decidedly not-humble and ask us 'how will I accomplish that?'. We are usually happy to oblige.


Faction Will

Other Things

Uso Special Operations Shuttle

a Go-Bag in shuttle form.

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