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Valmet Self Governing Colonial Region of the Colonial Pact (VSGCR)

Faction Information
Homeworld Colonial Pact Alliance, Core Systems
(Off Map)
Acronyms VSGCR, VCR
Primary Species Humans
Official Languages Trade (language)
Start of Calendar NCC 00000
Type of Government FederalPresidentialConstitutional Republic
Executive Leader Karl J. Olivo
Capital City Helka City, Planet Leningrad
Date of Government Establishment NCC 00964
Gross Domestic Product 51.2 Trillion CC
GDP Per Capita (Mean) 35,000 CC
Currency Colonial Standard Credit (CC)
General Information
Faction Use Guide
Star Systems Under VSGCR Control
Name Population Capital
Helka Trinary Star System 15,929,436,240 Helka City, Planet Leningrad
Planetary Information
Hospitable Planets 6
Habitable Planets 2
Atmospheric Terrestrial Planets 9
Airless Terrestrial Planets 3
Gas Giants 2
Ice Giant Planets 2
Asteroid Belts 7

The Valmet Self Governing Colonial Region of the Colonial Pact or the VSGCR is a far flung colony of the human faction known as the Colonial Trade Pact Alliance, a large scale conglomerate of trading factions who's core worlds lay nearly 250 thousand lightyears 'down spin' from the Kikyo Sector. The colony itself began as a corporate exploration adventure which came through and stabilized the stellar gate inside of the Helka-Alpha Star System and began to exploit the various resources, their primary goal being the extraction of Callenite and its refinement before shipping the processed ore back to the colonies for sale.

As of NCC00999, this humble start had 'snowballed' into a full and growing official colony with a steady stream of colonists, pioneers, and freelancers adding to the corporate population of over nearly three decades of expansion. Now host to an official government backed by military and security forces of the humans of the Valmet Sector region seem set to expand both into their two nearby star systems part of the trinary (of which the more adventurous and corporate minded already have) and beyond.

Effectively, their goals are simple; to expand their territory, population, influence, and profit margin across the sector by any reasonable means needed.


The economy of the Valmet Sector or the Helka Trinary System began and circles around the industrial scale extraction, purification, and shipping of Callenite. An extremely rare mineral which only forms in protoplanetary disks under the influence of space-time anomalies; the ore itself is practically the center of Colonial Pact industry. It is a core item in everything from quantum computing systems, to compact fusion powerplants, to FTL drives. As a result of its rarity and value, the Colonial Pact Trade Alliance ranges far and wide following the various space time lines which create it.

What started as a gate founding expedition rapidly grew as the gate itself was stabilized and regular commercial traffic was allowed. The population swelling as a mixture of corporate personnel, colonists, and all the assorted persons such a new system brings in flooded toward what they hoped was either fortunes or in the very least their own plot of land on a hospitable world.

By NCC00996 Helka-Alpha was a bustling nexus of rapidly growing civilization and industry continuously expanding across the various worlds to support the growing population, by then in the billions. While the extraction, concentration, refinement, and export of Callenite was still king in the economic sector. Agriculture, fusion fuel gas, and general metal ore extraction had also grown to satisfy the in system needs and had replaced the need to ship in materials from the core colonies coming through the gate.

Sub branches of three mega-conglomerates have also established themselves in both Helka-Alpha and have started to expand their operations to the two co-orbiting frontier systems that are part of this group of trinary systems. The companies being Kaar General Resources, Oppon Ship and Metalworks Consortium, and Dyer Applied Technologies. Numerous smaller specialized companies have also sprung up from simple single world or asteroid mining efforts to large scale purpose made farming cooperatives. Various free lancing adventurous groups both corporate and groups of pioneers have also begun staking their claims in the relatively unregulated environments of Helka-Beta and Helka-Gamma's systems.


The Valmet government is modeled after the Common Colonial Law (CCL) government model consisting of three major branches of government, of which two are democratically elected. Those two being the Valmet Federal Council on a two year election cycle with a term limit of two before a candidate must wait five years before he can return. The other being the Valmet Executive Ministers Office, effectively acting as the head of the executive branch. This branch has a five year term/election cycle and can only be held twice every fifty years. The third branch is the Valmet Supreme Judicial Court who's terms are twenty years, the executive branch nominates and the Federal Council approves appointees to this branch. More detailed information can be found here.

  • Valmet Federal Council
    • Also known as the Federal Congress, the VFC is an elected term based legislative body that acts as the head of the Colonial government's inner workings and determines (if needed) policy changes to the various arrangements in the system between the government, population, and corporate interests and the assorted laws and standards that keep the colony orderly. They may also challenge actions taken by the Valmet Executive Ministers Office, these challenges may be affirmed or overruled by the Valmet Supreme Judicial Court.
  • Valmet Supreme Judicial Court
    • A nine person council of judges elected every twenty years with no more then two allowed to come from each of the major settlements in the Valmet Sector, these nine individuals act as a balance between the federal council and the executive minister's office by acting as a moderator and veto breaker. They also act as the highest court when dealing with legal and civil situations that are beyond either the settlement courts or planetary courts and act as a determination whether or not an action or edict violates the various agreements and charters in place in the Helka Trinary Star System.
  • Valmet Executive Ministers Office
    • The executive minister (effectively identical in powers and role to the President of the United States) is the top of the executive branch of the Valmet colonial government, he or she is elected by popular vote from all of the official colonies. They acts as both the commander and chief of the defense forces and as the day to day handler for the VSGCR's affairs.


The Valmet Region Armed Forces or VRAF is a five branch military and civil security organization based on voluntary recruitment, each falling under the united command of the VRAF which employs a 'Joint Chiefs' style of leadership with a selected general or chief from each major service. This group by defacto is under the control of the Valmet elected government, typically the joint chiefs are selected by the executive branch to serve two years. Below are more detailed descriptions of the five branches of the VRAF.

  • Valmet Colonial Pact Naval Forces (VCPNF)
    • Mostly consisting of the original military expreditionary force that arrived and officially made Helka a Colonial Pact colony, some of its newer vessels in the destroyer and corvette range are locally manufactured and manned by recent recruits. Overall its the second largest of the dedicated military branches of the VRAF, both in personnel and in number of operational military assets. Its primary role is to serve as the primary defensive space and patrol force against military grade threats, secondary roles include troop transport and defense of long range shipping lanes beyond the reach of the VISSP.
  • Valmet Colonial Pact Marine Corps (VCPMC)
    • The third largest of the military services (and or the smallest) but argubly the best equipped and the best trained, the Valmet Marine Corps are the primary power projection force for rapid surface operations. Capable of being deployed anywhere within the Navy's reach on a few days notice with all the weapons at their disposile, the are typically the first boots to land on the ground in a conflict. Secondary roles include governmental protection details, shipboard security, essential site security, and their special operations groups typically operate with or under the purview of the Valmet branch of CISA.
  • Valmet Colonial Army (VCA)
    • The largest of the three military branches in manpower, the Colonial Army is the primary surface based defense force of the Valmet government. Deployed in some strength on every colony be in a hospitable world or a simple mining community. They are responsible for everything from the operation of surface based orbital defense systems, to maintaining a capable response to any possible invasion of the surface. Secondary roles include the large scale use of their engineering capabilities for civil projects, law and order in the event of large scale emergency, and disaster relief. Finally they are typically the second force used during interplanetary warfare, following the colonial marines down after a surface beachhead is established and used in bulk operations once a leg is firmly planted on the surface of a target world.
  • Valmet Branch Colonial Intelligence Service Agency (VBCISA)
    • The primary and largest intelligence agency operating in the Valmet sector, their role is simply to observer, record, and monitor any and all possible threats to the continuance of the government in the region and then report these threats. There are four primary sub organizations of the Valmet Branch of CISA the first being the general intelligence branch, responsible for electronic and human acquisition of intelligence. The second being the information warfare department, scouring and tracking various items of interest on the star system's inter-planetary information networks (SPACE INTERNET). The third is the direct action directorate, or the wetwork group of CISA, often working with marine special forces units. The purpose of their operations are typically either the acquisition of certain pieces of data or equipment or the elimination of threats to the colonies quickly and quietly. Finally the fourth branch is responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of corporate interests, namely acting as one of the many checks and balances in the ongoing influence war between the government of the colonies and the mega corporations.
  • Valmet Inter-System Security and Patrol (VISSP)
    • The largest of all of the VRAF, the Inter-System Security and Patrol organization is effectively the law enforcement at the Federal and State level of the Valmet colonies. Serving as everything from typical city and town officers to interstellar patrol groups keeping the near system lanes free of piracy or brigands. They are also responsible for the prosecution of colonial law, crime investigation, and overall charged with the maintenance of the fabric of colonial society.


A late fusion technical society revolving around the extraction and use of a unique element that enables various advanced technologies such as quantum computing and faster then light travel. The hunger for this element has led to an ever expansive colonization effort reaching out among the stars. However while advanced as a human civilization, one could argue that when compared to the major factions in the sector they could almost be seen as primitive. While their medical prowess is far more advanced then anything seen today they still have not discovered the art of bringing back the completely dead even though lifespans are double or nearly triple that of modern man. However cybernetics are quite advanced with full body conversions a normal fact of life for the tragic or enthusiast. An approximate comparison between the Sesestrans and mainline Star Army factions could be summed up as the SCU being roughly 80 to 100 years behind the Yamatai Star Empire (their nanotechnology and power technology isn't nearly up to snuff however that represents the majority of the gap) and 50 to 60 years behind the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia (mostly due to their access to vacuum energy technology and some Yamataian tech and again that is the majority of the gap) technologically speaking.

However one could argue the one and most important piece of technology to the Colonial Pact Alliance is the FTL Stellar Gate. Composed of a mixture of man's interference and naturally occurring weaknesses and anomalies in the fabric of space time. These gates both in their natural form, which cause during star and planetary formation the formation of the essential mineral and when discovered and altered by the Colonial Pact serving as a very high speed network of stellar gates for rapid transit between distant systems (1 day of gate travel equals six days of regular Colonial FTL travel). Due to the distance of the colony from even the outer most Colonial Pact systems (thirty days of gate travel) the stellar gate is absolutely essential as a link between them and the rest of the Alliance proper.

Territory of the Valmet Sector

As of NCC00999 the total territory claimed by the Valmet Government of the Colonial Trade Pact Alliance is a single multiple star system with three component systems. Designated as the Helka Trinary Star System, its component star systems being Helka-Alpha, Helka-Beta, and Helka-Gamma. Of these three systems roughly 97.9 percent of the population along with most of the infrastructure is concentrated in the Helka-Alpha component system.

Of the other two systems the Helka-Beta component system is the next most developed with first line colonization beginning on its worlds, however most of these are corporate backed rather then governmental, outside of these company settlements are numerous single and multi-family efforts either starting settlements or simply prospecting for valuable ores. The resulting low population and lack of real government presence outside of protecting a few shipping lanes has led to Helka-Beta being somewhat of a wild west. Profits to be made from either piracy or the various private military contracts to prevent it.

Finally Helka-Gamma represents the last 'frontier' of the multiple star system, only a few scant settlements exist in system making it a haven for the less lawful. Brave pioneers seeking riches or their own stake in a rich ore deposit can be found here.

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