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Valsh'Nar Empire

The Valsh'Nar Empire is a rapidly expanding Empire in the Galactic North Northeast consisting of several insectoid like species with varying levels of intelligence and technological levels. Furthermore each species has a distinctive culture, from the Warmongering Sho and the underhanded diplomacy of the Kudah, to the technological advancement and discovery of the Va'Kip and simple existence of the Zazeku. Though different they work together via psychic communication to further their conquest of systems to expand their ever growing empire.

Valsh'Nar Empire
Capital World Zeddados Prime
Capital City (Hive) Karta'th Gol
Type of Government Oligarchy
Date of Government Establishment Unknown
Official Languages Valsh (Various Dialects) Trade
Current Year TBD
Population Statistics
Approx. Total Nation Population Unknown


The Valsh'Nar Empire is an Oligarchy With a species based Caste System of Sorts. At the top is the Kudah Species, with the Karshvick Military commanders following closely underneath. Following that is the Karshvick populous with the Zazeku bringing up the bottom. The Pakoli subspecies live a nomadic lifestyle outside of the government structure and are considered outsiders for all intensive purposes.


Though the Valsh'Nar Empire controls several planetary systems and is expanding there are several of note, Mostly the homeworlds of each of the species.

  • Zeddados Prime Capitol World, Kudah and Pakoli Homeworld
  • Sho Aka Zeddados Alpha: Volcanic Desert World, Sho Clan Homeworld
  • Toruk Aka Zeddados Rho: Oceanic world consisting of archipelagos, largest island being the size of a micro contentment. Toruk Clan Homeworld
  • Va'Kip Aka Zeddados Gamma: Volcanic Ice world. Thick permafrost covering most of planet Va'Kip Clan Homeworld
  • Kalar'Toh Aka Zeddados Omicron, Swamp/marsh planet. Zazeku Homeworld.

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