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Laser Container

Developed in YE 40 the Laser Container is developed from the laser container systems originally deployed on the C5a class starship. The laser containers were open-sourced components, and were able to receive a large amount of modifications for improved efficency. The weapon system is intigrating with targeting, cooling, shock absorbtion, and other features to ensure that the container can operate as an entirely self-contained weapon system.


The container itself contains all of the systems needed to operate a powerful directed energy weapon. This includes sensors for target aquisition, the weapon system itself, computers, power, and heat sinks that allow for minutes of continuous fire before cooling of the container is needed. This is the second iteration of the Laser Container, but during the majority of YE 39 a lot of work was put into developing containerized equipment for starships resulting in the new laser container having a very high level of engineering put into it. The Laser systems themselves are similar to the ones developed by Wazu through the 30's, and these are powered by the latest version of the portable hyperspace tap. Computing is provided by a cluster of scale datapads, and the focusing aparatus can divert the beams generated by up to 15 degrees. This weapon system / power / compute setup is replicated 6 times in the container. Each of the 6 lasers can share power, compute, or cooling if needed, and ports on the rear and sides of the container can be used to connect the container to the ship at large to share resources, or can be used to directly connect the container to the ship or a turret system. This gives the container weapon system a large amount of redundency and a huge shelf-life, allowing components to fail gracefully over time without sacrificing the container's ability to generate damage on its target.

In addition to the weapon system, there are additional scale pads, sensors, and shock absorbers to help extend the life of the system. These provide predictive failure projects for components, as well as help minimize any damage to the container from rough handling. The coolant storage tanks throughout the container have well designed baffles to prevent damage during impact events, and can store enough heat to allow the weapon system to continue firing for nearly two minutes at full power without any external cooling or loss of functionality.

The Laser Container is designed to be replaced rather than repaired in the field. However if a field repair is required the external skin of the container can be removed by unbolting it from the frame and then removing it entirely to expose the internal components which can then be removed or replaced as needed. All of the components can be reached and removed from either the top or the bottom of the container. If removing the side skin of the container, the outermost components would need to be removed before accessing the components in the middle.


As all weapon technology progressed the damage output of lasers started to match even more exotic weapons like aether beams. With an equalized damage output, the benifits of having a light-speed attack, that couldn't be intercepted by point defense systems, and be generated from simple technology, would bring laser weapons into favor with Heram J Wazu. Close to the start of YE 39 containerized systems would become popular due to how easy it was to build, maintain, and design starships by poping in containers.

The Laser Container is the second contaerized laser weapon design, and includes many small improvements on the original design used in the C5a. Production and deployment of the containers would start in YE 40


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