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Belmont Clan

The clan is an organization that is focused on bring forward a new world order. One that would bring a lasting peace.

Family Belmont
Capital Compound Belmont
Population 1000+
Head of State Maverick Belmont
Formation YE 23

Family Story

The Belmont family we know today started during the Fourth Elysian War after the original compound was turned to ash and much of the clan had been killed. During and after the war the family worked to rebuild and ensure such an event would never again befall the family and its allies. The family's main source of income and influence that came after the war was through trade deals and partnerships with other factions.

Belmont Family

Currently the family has ties all across the Yamatai Star Empire. After years of service they continue to gain influence around the galaxy. Below is a short listing of key characters who help shape the family. They are both next of kin and those who wish to be connected with the family.

Belmont Mission

The family has four main rules to be followed at all times. There is no exception to these rules and disregard for them will lead to swift and severe punishment.

  • Value the lives of everyone associated with the family.
  • Stand up for those who do not have a voice to speak for themselves.
  • Slavery is strictly forbidden.
  • Offer a kind hand to those without a home or family.

Outside the four major rules is a set of sub rules that are designed to work within the confines of the different factions the family is involved with.

  • Conduct oneself with a high level of respect.
  • Never cause the family name to be shed in a negative light.
  • Follow the rules of the society one currently resides in.

Family Crest

Family motto “Through strength to protect what is most dear.”

  • Dragon – Wisdom and courage to know what to protect and the desire to uphold truth
  • Heart – Compassion to hold close the principles of friendship and love
  • Gold – Progress through stable finanical gains
  • Purple – Conduct oneself like a royal at all times

Incorporated Species

The Belmont Clan is open to all races from every background. Below is a listing of races currently living within the walls of Compound Belmont.


Currently the Belmonts have working partnerships within the boarders of Yamatai. There have been talks about expanding outside the core worlds but nothing official has taken place. The family is opening trade deals with any faction or group.


The story about the family prior to Fourth Elysian War had a much darker agenda than it does now. During the this time the family was more closely related to a crime family. It was not out of the question for them to get involved in illegal dealings and enforcement of rules that purely benefited the Belmonts. After the original compound was burned to the ground and much of the old family connections had been killed off a new direction of the Family came into being. With the leadership falling into the hands of Maverick and Seraphina Belmont the family would be reborn as a place for all those without a home. Much of the old ways had been put to rest and replaced with the current rules of the family.

Great Things About This Faction

This is what players had to say about this faction:

The Belmont Gaze™
You go onto Belmont-owned land? Boom, assimilated!
So kidnappings are canon for Belmonts?
oi, I'll have you know Remy is a Belmont who isn't about all that harem.
The belmont family has like, no pull with the government as far as I'm aware.
I feel like the Belmonts started out as travelling musicians, kek.
Well everyone seems to kind of hate the Belmonts.
They aren't all lewd, and one is a huge nerd. Still manages to expand the family somehow.
They are strangely wholesome. Lewdly wholesome. But wholesome.
The evilest of evil
BELMONT - Bad Evily Lewd Men On Natural Testosterone

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