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Decree 16: Treaty with the Empire of Nepleslia

This old Treaty is between the Yamatai Star Empire and the Empire of Nepleslia. It is now defunct since the formation of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia.

The Document

Whereas the Yamatai Star Empire wishes to recognize and create a state of peaceful and mutually prosperous relations with the Empire of Nepleslia, we mutually agree to enact and to follow the terms of this treaty:

  1. The Empire of Nepleslia will now be official recognized as a self-ruling nation no longer under the Yamatai Star Empire. All citizens wishing to remain part of Yamatai will be recognized as citizens of the Yamatai Star Empire with the rights and freedoms thereof. All who wish to continue as Nepleslian citizens are free to go, based on their choice. Dual citizenship will not be permitted, however.
  2. The Yamatai Star Empire and the Empire of Nepleslia agree to maintain friendly, reasonably honest, peaceful relations and communications with one another. The Yamatai Star Empire and Empire of Nepleslia agree to make at least one diplomatic communication with each other per month and in-person meetings of rulers or appointed representatives on a year basis.
  3. The Yamatai Star Empire and the Empire of Nepleslia agree not to commit malicious acts against one another or employ others to commit malicious acts against one another, to include making any alliance with the known enemy of the other.
  4. Both the Yamatai Star Empire and Empire of Nepleslia will recognize all ranks and titles bestowed on a person by the Yamatai Star Empire, its member states, and/or the Empire of Nepleslia.
  5. For the mutual safety, the Empire of Nepleslia agrees to enforce control of restricted technologies covered by Yamataian law, using them only it its military and organizations authorized the by the Nepleslian government.
  6. Nekovalkyrja and will not be allowed on Nepleslian planets except to conduct official business for the Yamatai Government or Star Army of Yamatai. Nekovalkyrja are not to be allowed citizenship or to hold any government or military position in the Empire of Nepleslia or Star Army of Nepleslia. All Nekovalkyrja serving as government officials of Yamatai must first report to the government of Nepleslia for proper identification except for those serving as part of Star Army starship crews.
  7. Starships of the Star Army of Yamatai will never be denied direct and unimpeded access to Nepleslian territories. Nepleslian civilian ships will be allowed to travel through Star Army space, but military ships will only be allowed in Yamatai space with permission from authorized members of the Star Army of Yamatai or the Yamatai government.
  8. In the event the Nepleslian capital world is under attack by large-scale enemy forces, Yamatai will send fleets equal to or greater than 10% of its total vessels in reinforcements to protect it. Nepleslia agrees to do the same upon Yamataian request, should the YSE capital world fall under attack.
  9. The Empire of Nepleslia agrees to have no more than 20 fleets of equal to or less than numbers of one thousand ships each for its military, with no military ships or mobile space stations larger than 25km.
  10. Yamatai and Nepleslian agree that Nepleslian territorial expansion should go to the Galactic Northwest, and Yamataian expansion to the Galactic Southeast.
  11. This treaty is valid immediately upon approval by all governments involved (or the leaders thereof) and lasts forever unless all parties agree to nullify it. All parties must approve any modifications to this treaty.


  • Emperor Uesu of Yamatai

After consulting Jim Blackman, Nepleslia will sign the treaty, given that Yamatai recognizes Nepleslia''s ability to renegotiate the terms of the treaty should it become necessary.


  • Master Admiral Robert Davis
  • Emperor Blackman of Nepleslia

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