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Yamatai Department Of Agriculture

The Yamatai Star Empire's Department of Agriculture is responsible for encouraging and regulating the production of food for the people of Yamatai.

The YDOA's responsibilities include:

  • Agricultural research
  • Education programs for farmers and the Food industry
  • Standards for safe food production, processing, and handling
  • Food safety inspections
  • Actual production of some foods for the government and military.

Current Operations of Note

In YE 35, the Department Of Agriculture began mass-producing Spirulina for use by the Yamataian government as an ultra-high-efficiency food source for the empire. The edible algae is useful and can be used to replace regular seaweed in Japanese-style cuisine (such as that in sushi) or made into flakes or used as an ingredient in noodles. The production facilities not only produce edible food, but they consume organic waste and produce oxygen (which can be used in spacecraft).

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