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Yamatai Department Of Colonization

This article is a work in progress; It is current not approved for use in the SARP.

The Department of Colonization is one of the main departments in the Yamatai Star Empire. Due to the vast amount of star systems Yamatai has, it is one of the biggest department of government with more than 2,5 million employees dispersed over more than 35 systems, embassies and starships. As of YE 34, the department is headed by Ketsurui Fuishen, distant cousin to Premier Ketsurui Yuumi, and is known as the 'Minister of Colonization' or more informal as the 'Colonial Overseer' by his staff. Due to this however, the Senate is watchful to prevent any acts of nepotism. Although the Department is obviously subjected to the Senate of Yamatai, the Department has more freedom than others to act on his own apart from Senatorial legislation.

The department is responsible for a number of tasks:

- Oversight of all colonial territories, meaning all planets, moons & otherwise habitations who do not meet the population required to be represented in the Senate of Yamatai, which is more than 1 million inhabitants.

- Enforcing of the Yamatai law inside the Colonial Territories. However the department often sides with the Yamatai Department of Justice to handle any serious crime inside the colonies.

- Control and maintenance of all Yamatai assets in the designated Colonial territories as described above. All structures, including military, are property of the Department, until the colony is able to get representation in the Senate.

- Building and Maintenance of all new infrastructure inside the Colonial Territories. All structures build on colonies are subject to approval by the Department.

- Offering agricultural and financial aid to all settlers on colonial world. All farmers are subject do hand a small portion of their goods over to the Department as compensation to the security measures offered.

- Transportation and Housing of colonists and Star Army soldiers. The Star Army has free access to the Colonial Territories, but is quasi-obliged to ask for approval by the Department.

- Granting access to colonies for all other departments, in particular the Yamatai Department Of Agriculture, Department of Land and Homes, and Yamatai Department Of Immigration. Inspections by the departments has to be approved by the Minister/'Overseer' himself.

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