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Yamatai Department of Finance

The Department of Finance (DoF) is responsible for managing currency and oversees finance within the Yamatai Star Empire. They are in charge of financial law in the Yamatai Star Empire, including Taxes, the annual presentation of theGovernment budget, and the upkeep of the Treasury. It is headed by the Minister of Finance, in charge of the budget and financial markets, aided by a State Secretary, who is in charge of taxes and the treasury. It is the second largest department of the Yamatai Government, after the Yamatai Department Of Colonization, deploying just under 2 million employees across 12 star systems. Its headquarters stand in Kyoto's Imperial District.

Financial Institutions

The DoF also is the agency that creates and governs banking laws within the Empire. It is in charge of setting Interest rate for banking and international trade. Also, it controls Subsidy to government-controlled institutions.

The DoF has direct oversight and audit authority over all banking institutions in the Empire. This includes government sponsored, and privately owned banking institutions.


The DoF is also responsible for the production of all Imperial currency Kikyou Satsu (KS). This includes establishing the exchange rate between recognized friendly governments.

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