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Yamatai Department Of Immigration

The Yamatai Star Empire has a Department of Immigration that was created in YE 23 days as part of Proposal 3, the Basic Laws Act in the Senate of Yamatai.

The Department of Immigration's function is to

  • Assist people immigrating to Yamatai by providing:
    • Access to educational programs such as general knowledge about Yamatai, and common YSE languages.
    • Translation services
    • Housing arrangement for those who cannot afford their own.
  • Help non-citizens become citizens.


The The Constitution of Yamatai Star Empire says β€œAll sapient beings have the right to apply to become a citizen of Yamatai” and outlines the rights of citizens. The law provides that β€œAll beings are permitted to apply, even non-citizens from other nations, but the Yamatai Star Empire reserves the right to restrict citizenship for any reasonable reason. Those with military records will be screened by the Star Army of Yamatai as well as the Department of Immigration.” For more on laws on becoming a citizen, see Laws of the Yamatai Star Empire.

Non-citizens residents of Yamatai, known as plebeians, have less rights than full citizens.

Refugee Services

The Constitution says β€œAny person has the right to political asylum in Yamatai to escape political persecution, genocides, slavery, or other injustices or threats not arising from genuine criminal charges.” Therefore, Yamatai's arms are open to accepting refugees from other nations or nationless persons.

The Department of Immigration will, based on the subject's wealth and resources, help them find a place to live. Refugees with no resources may be temporarily housed in a refugee camp (such as Star Army Refugee Facilities) that will provide food, water, shelter, medical care, and employment opportunities.

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