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Golden Lotus Awards

This article is a work in progress; It is currently not approved as canon.

Logo of the Ceremony, made in YE 11, modified in YE 22.

The Golden Lotus Awards Ceremony, known better as the “Golden Lotuses”, is an annual event awarding employees in the Film industry. The official founder and owner of the ceremony is the Yamatai National Film Institute(YNFI). The best known are rewarded for “Best Actor/Actress”, “Best Director” and “Best Picture”.


After the creation of Universal Cinematics in YE 03 and Stardust Pictures in YE 10, the Yamatai National Film Institute saw the need for an official reward show for the Film industry. Before the Golden Lotus, the YNFI had occasionaly handed out Special Achievement rewards to Actors and Directors, but this had not been a centralised ceremony.

The first Golden Lotus Awards were held in YE 11, at the Empress Hotel in Geshrinopolis. A mere 220 people were in attendance, mostly because of the high price of 15 KS (50 KS in YE 38). A total number of 12 awards were handed out. Since the destruction of the city in YE 25 and it replacement of Kyoto, the award ceremony is held at the Cosmos Theatre at the Hoshiutsu Studios. A special achievement was awarded to Producer Kelo Mati in YE 27, to commentate his efforts in the building of Hoshiutsu Studios and his efforts to relaunch the Golden Lotus ceremony.

The ceremony of YE 19 was the heaviest, with the collapse of Universal Cinematics. Nevertheless, in that year 7 new awards were created, mostly designed for the technical part of Filmmaking. Three special achievements were awarded to the former owners of Universal in YE 21, to commentate their work as pioneers of the Yamatai film industry.

In YE 22, two other awards were created, for Animation films. Since YE 32, a special award is rewarded to foreign films, to encourage the international cooperation of Filmmakers, and two special awards for debut and juvenile actors were also created.

Ceremony Changes

Although the quality of the ceremony has retained through time, the Awards have undergone several drastic changes over the years. During the first ceremonies, for example, an Actor or Director was awarded for all his work during the period of two years. In YE 14, however, it was decided that nominees would be awarded for a single performance in one film, and the distinction between Primary and Supporting role was separated for acting.

Another change has been the reporting of the annual nominees. While in the first ceremonies, the nominees were announced in late March, the nominees are currently revealed as early as January, out of fear of leaking to the media. This has attributed to a rise of “early nominee hysteria”, as the long span between announcement and rewarding has become significantly longer than earlier.

Golden Lotus Statuette

The best known statuette for Film, the Golden Lotus, officially the “Golden Lotus Award for Achievement in Film-making”, is depicted as a golden Lotus flower, the symbol of the Ketsurui Clan and the Yamatai Star Empire, on a pedestal with a film reel at the base. The statuette, originally, were gold-plated and made of solid copper. Since YE 19, the statuette is made of gold-plated Britannia metal, weighs 3.8 kg (8.37 lbs) and is 27 cm (10.62 in) tall from base to top.

All the statuettes are produced three to four months in advance of the ceremony, at the Kotshein Foundry in Central Uesureya, the same company as for those of the Marble House Awards, Soul Awards and Stellar Awards, among other award ceremonies. The company also retains the original mold of the statuette from YE 11.


In order to prevent leaking of the winner before the ceremony, all the statuettes presented have blank base-plates. After the winner has collected their award, the baseplate is instantly engraved by an automatic laser inscription. The first ceremony, however, had all the awards engraved with all potential winners. The remaining awards were recycled afterwards.


Since YE 19, ownership of Golden Lotus statuettes is retained by the winners, encumbered that they will not be sold to any third parties without the offer to return them to the YNFI for 1 KS. Any recipient not agreeing to this will have their statuette legally owned by the Institute. Any awards granted before this rule, are open for auctioning. This has happened with the Golden Lotus Award for Best Director for “The Night Elves” in YE 13, which was sold for 55,000 KS in YE 35. It also happened to the Best Picture award for The Red Bonnet from YE 14, which was sold for 85,000 KS in YE 39.


The rules for nomination of a Golden Lotus is reserved to a large jury of 5,258 members of the Yamatai National Film Institute. Each branch of the YNFI vote for their own respective branches.

There are several regulations, written up in different years, about the nomination of a candidate. Per rules 1 to 3 of the Official Golden Lotus Regulations finalised in YE 17, with limited adjustments from YE 32, a film must have been released during the year of the Ceremony; the film must have a consecutive screen-time of at least 30 minutes, except short film awards; and the film must run in theatres for at least 7 consecutive days, exceptions again for short films.

Any producer must file an Award Eligibility Form for the feature and personnel involved to be eligible for nomination before an official deadline, otherwise the feature will be illegible for nomination that year.

The eligible nominations of that year are than transferred to all the members of the YNFI. In order to prevent unequal winning, only members of each specific branch may vote for their own branch (actors vote for actors, directors vote for directors, and so on). The only exception is the award for “Best Picture”, which is voted upon by all the members.

Ceremony Proceedings


The Ceremony is given extensive marketing, especially the weeks before. The announcement of the ceremony is given up to three months before the proceedings itself. Several big companies, such as Origin Industries and Tamahagane Corporation invest heavily in the ceremony, to sponsor the event. Even the Ketsurui Clan sponsor the event, which happened in YE 37 when Empress Himiko personally visited the ceremony. The YNFI also permits the Empress for the handing out of “Special Achievements”, although these are rare and reserved for all-round praised films only, mostly handed out in the subsequent Imperial Honour Awards.


The first Award Ceremony was broadcast only on Planet Yamatai, but since the fourth ceremony in YE 15, the ceremony has been broadcast throughout the Yamatai Star Empire. The ceremony is held a mere eight weeks after the announcement of the nominees, placing it in early March. It presents the opening of the “ Awards Season”, which ends in early July of the that year. The invited guests are subject on wearing black tie for men, and a dress for women. The winner of the “Best Original Song” perform on stage. Several special segments were first included in YE 19, and have since expanded to include: 'In Memoriam', 'Memorable Classical Scenes' and short exerts of the previous' ceremony.

The date of the ceremony has been postponed a number of times, such as in YE 19, due to the bankruptcy of Universal Cinematics three weeks prior. In YE 25 the ceremony was cancelled altogether due to the destruction of Geshrinopolis, and in YE 34 the ceremony was moved two months later due to The Battle of Yamatai the preceding year.


The first location of the Awards was at the Empress Hotel, in downtown Geshrinopolis. The hotel had only place for 250 invitations. The subsequent ceremonies were alternated between two locations: the Star Theatre and the Firefly Concert Hall. Since the building of Kyoto in YE 26, the ceremony is held at the Cosmos Theatre, with place for 580 invitations, except in YE 31, when it was held at the Kyoto Tower Hotel to celebrate the Awards' twentieth anniversary, which saw a host of over 1200 invitations, twice the normal rate. The venues are heavily decorated with film posters of that years' nominees, and the 'Red Carpet' pre-show has one of the biggest press ensembles of any award show.

Award categories

The awards can be roughly divided by several events, such as the first ceremony in YE 11, the eligibility change in YE 14, the Technical Awards creation in YE 19, the Animation Awards creation in YE 22, and the Foreign film inclusion in YE 32.

  • Best Picture: since YE 11
  • Best Director: since YE 11
  • Best Leading Actor: since YE 11 (Foreign since YE 32)
  • Best Leading Actress: since YE 11 (Foreign since YE 32)
  • Best Documentary: since YE 11
  • Best Short Live Action Film: since YE 11
  • Best Cinematography: since YE 11
  • Best Original Score: since YE 11
  • Best Original Song: since YE 11
  • Best Adapted Screenplay: since YE 11
  • Best Original Screenplay: since YE 11
  • Best Supporting Actor: since YE 14 (Foreign since YE 32)
  • Best Supporting Actress: since YE 14 (Foreign since YE 32)
  • Best Short Documentary: since YE 14
  • Best Film Editing: since YE 19
  • Best Costume Design: since YE 19
  • Best Make-up: since YE 19
  • Best Production Design: since YE 19
  • Best Sound Editing: since YE 19
  • Best Sound Mixing: since YE 19
  • Best Visual Effects: since YE 19
  • Best Animated Feature: since YE 22
  • Best Animated Short Film: since YE 22
  • Best Foreign Film: since YE 32
  • Best Juvenile Actor: since YE 32
  • Best Newcomer: since YE 32

Discontinued Award categories

Several categories were awarded during one year or a couple of years, but were later cut for eligibility or merging reasons.

Proposed Award categories

Yearly, the Board of Directors of the YNFI meet to discuss and consider new award categories. There are a few rejected proposal to date:

  • Best Casting: rejected in YE 19 & YE 32
  • Best Dialogue Direction: rejected in YE 19
  • Best Stunt: rejected in YE 19
  • Best Voice Actor (Animation): rejected in YE 22
  • Best Voice Actress (Animation): rejected in YE 22
  • Best Foreign Short Film: rejected in YE 32
  • Best Foreign Actor/Actress: rejected in YE 32, compiled under Best Actor/Actress
  • Best Film Trailer: rejected in YE 32

List of Award Winners

The following is a list of films and moviemakers who have won or have been nominated for a Golden Lotus up to the 29th Golden Lotus Award Ceremony of YE 40. Films Awarded with “Best Picture” are in Italic.

Top Film Winners

Film Year Wins Nominations
Dark Forces Rising YE 34 9 12
The Last Voyage of the Challenger YE 24 8 8
Galactic Tales: Wrath of the Boghur YE 37 7 11
The Blue Moon YE 21 7 9
The Cabinet YE 15 7 9
Agent Henry: The Red Arrow Plot YE 13 7 8
Tragedy of the Great Plague YE 28 7 7
The Last Battleship YE 31 6 10
The Red Bonnet YE 14 6 9
The Night Elves YE 13 6 8
Galactic Conflict: Outsider YE 30 6 7
Adventures of the Tin Man YE 30 6 6
Invasion form Beyond YE 27 6 6
Galactic Tales: Reign of Terror YE 28 5 11
Invasion From Beyond YE 27 5 8
Mud, Blood, and Battle YE 39 5 7
Professor Yuko and the Book of Agibas YE 39 5 6
Time Travellers YE 23 5 6
Magic Spell YE 19 4 9
The Night Elves Reborn YE 15 4 7
Crisis in Galactic City YE 28 4 6
Letters of Love: New Generation YE 38 4 5
The Cabinet Falls YE 17 4 5
Yui's Gamble YE 40 4 4
Agent Henry White & Gold YE 17 4 4
Dark Woods YE 38 3 7
Train Robber: Last Heist YE 14 3 6
Professor Yuko and the Secret of The Tomb YE 37 3 5
Train Robber: King's Jewels YE 12 3 4
Letters of Love YE 23 3 3
Beyond Dark YE 38 2 7
Agent Henry: Battle Royale YE 25 2 6
Predators YE 21 2 5
Red Bonnet: Final Shot YE 22 2 5
Double Vendetta YE 34 2 4
The Knights of Henry YE 31 2 4
Time Recall YE 21 2 3
Galactic Conflict: Fire & Ashes YE 35 2 3
Chaos Theory YE 39 2 2
Time Travellers 4: Final Destiny YE 29 2 2
Galactic Tales: Ancient's Prophecy YE 31 1 5
Agent Henry: Last Men of the Emperor YE 32 1 5
Fury Racers 2 YE 30 1 3
The Cabinet Begins YE 14 1 3
Feelings YE 26 1 2
City Murders YE 30 1 2
Double Vendetta 2: Back in Action YE 36 1 2
The Dummies YE 32 1 2
Iron Machines YE 27 1 1
Tin Man Returns YE 38 1 1
The Kind Heart YE 39 1 1
Letters of Love: Final Goodbye YE 27 0 7
Sound of Love YE 14 0 5
See You Again YE 19 0 4
The Ants YE 29 0 3
Galactic Conflict: Resurgence YE 38 0 3
The Life of Kenji YE 36 0 2
Aliens 3 YE 35 0 2
Tin Man 2 YE 33 0 1

Top Actor/Actress Award Winners

Sex Name Year(s) won Wins Nominations
F Elisabeth Vanders YE 19, YE 22, YE 27, YE 36 4 8
M Ronald Makron YE 15, YE 17, YE 29, YE 35 4 6
M Horothi Mana YE 15, YE 19, YE 30 3 9
F Shintati Moke YE 24, YE 28, YE 31 3 7
M Hans Safron YE 12, YE 20, YE 22 3 6
F Izuku Kane YE 30, YE 34, YE 38 3 3
F Lucie Trondor YE 18, YE 29 2 5
M Eguchi Ebei YE 14, YE 19 2 4
M Frederick Nutbon YE 16, YE 35 2 3
F Isabelle Meller YE 13, YE 32 2 3
M Sonoda Kato YE 20, YE 33 2 3
F Kishate Jeko YE 11, YE 23 2 2
M Keroro Makena YE 18, YE 25 2 2
M Mayiki Ragho YE 38 1 4
M Harry Trent YE 39 1 3

Top Director winners

Name Year(s) won Wins Nominations
Taketa Mishu YE 13, YE 17, YE 25, YE 32 4 6
Eric Milner YE 12, YE 14, YE 18 3 4
Henry Stafford YE 24, YE 34 2 6
David Carter YE 15, YE 39, YE 40 3 6
Mekoso Joki YE 23, YE 29 2 4
Rithi Mello YE 15, YE 19 2 4
Carl Makron YE 28, YE 31 2 3
Billy Marshal YE 26,YE 36 2 3
Jougo Honaka YE 33, YE 37 2 2
Charles Hayes YE 22, YE 35 2 2
Seizuko Kani YE 30 1 4
Yinko Mai YE 27 1 4
Lucas Manny YE 11 1 3
George Harrot YE 38 (Posthumous) 1 3
Chris Marcus YE 37(Posthumous) 1 2

Other Multi-winners/Nominees

Name Category Wins Nominations
Johannes Wilhelmus Original Score 11 17
Juliette Haker Costume Design 9 14
Miri Kajet Costume Design 8 10
Henry Murrel Visual Effects 8 9
Ikama Yoyo Original Screenplay 7 10
Richard Hooser Make-up 7 9
Yumihi Eijo Adapted Screenplay 7 8
Hansel Stammer Original Score 6 9
Victor Strauss Cinematography 6 8
Sarah Casbye Make-up 6 8
Ka Miti Film Editing 6 7
Yikoma La Cinematography 6 6
Hogona Shati Adapted Screenplay 5 8
Jigato Mar Visual Effects 5 6
Benjamin Bartolomeus Sound Design 5 5
Horace Mughthorn Production Design 4 9
Kori Magani Original Screenplay 4 7
Hishaten Moga Production Design 4 6
Rosha Korono Adapted Screenplay 4 5
Migatho Yoshi Production Design 4 4
Jogohthi Maio Cinematography 3 6
Lighathe Nemro Sound Design 4 4
Frank Jonas Sound Mixing 3 4
Harry Tarolton Adapted Screenplay 3 3
Tiffany Trent Original Song 3 3
Tikati Mo Sound Mixing 3 3
Giovanni Michaelo Original Score 2 6
Luke Mirage Original Screenplay 2 5
Jarathe Dyo Cinematography 2 5
Litika Avie Adapted Screenplay 2 5
Johann Diems Visual Effects 2 4
Alex Demsby Original Score 2 3
Lushi Kantore Make-up 2 3
Edward Keaton Film Editing 2 2
Royals Original Song 2 2
Lucas Hawthorne Cinematography 1 7
Jonathan Newer Original Score 1 4
Nicolas Hedrow Cinematography 1 3
Friedrich Lömann Cinematography 1 2
Carry Keaton Adapted Screenplay 1 2
Yukate Maro Production Design 1 2

Associated Events

The following is a list of events either associated with the annual Golden Lotus Ceremony:

This list are the versions of ceremonies resembling the Golden Lotus in foreign nations:

OOC Notes

This page was originally created on 2016/06/04 12:49 by Yoerik. This page was inspired by the Academy Awards, soo all the credits go to the AMPAS and associated organisations.

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