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Gozen Clan


The Gozen clan has a relatively short history compared to the other Yamataian houses(Such as the Saiga or the Kameko), being formed shortly after the plague as a fusion between various houses that were effectively crippled due to the plague. Due to this, the Gozen clan has a reputation among the other houses for just being fancy commoners. Partly due to the rise of a Nekovalkyrja ruling class after the plague, and partly because of the unspoken fear of being replaced by a Nekovalkyrja clan, the Gozen are nominally wary of Nekovalkyrja, with a special mistrust of the Ketsurui Samurai.

The clan strictly adheres to the way of the samurai, Bushido, and requires every male child to undergo training not only in the way of the sword, but also to become well versed in the arts and the ways of nobility; They are expected to join the military when of age. Women of the clan are expected to be polite, beautiful, and subservient to their husbands; but are also expected to be skilled in their own way. The Gozen clan is ruled by a Council of Elders from each ruling family, each family head holding a seal of leadership. The Six Ruling families are: the Tanaka Family; the Takahashi Family; the Kudo Family; the Watanabe Family; and the Murakami family.

Notable Members


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