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Marble House Awards

This article is a work in progress; It is currently not approved as canon.

The Marble House Awards Ceremony, better known as the “Marble Houses” or simply “House Awards”, is an annual event awarding employees for their achievement in the Theatre industry. The official owner and founder, as well as it's host, is the Yamatai Arts & Music Institute. The best known of these rewards are those of “ Best Actor in a Play/Musical” and “ Best Play/Musical”.


After the creation of Yamatai Arts & Music Institute in YE 16, and with the increasing popularity of the annual Golden Lotus Awards held by the Yamatai National Film Institute, the Arts Institute saw fit to hold it's very own award ceremony. Along with the Soul Awards, commentating achievement in the Music industry, the House Awards are one of the two award ceremonies held by the Yamatai Arts & Music Institute. The two are separated by only three weeks, mostly following a month after the famed Golden Lotus', which creates a so-called “Award Season” in the early spring.

The first House Awards ceremony was held in YE 16, two months after that year's Golden Lotus, in the prestigious Imperial Opera House in Geshrinopolis. A total number of 1500 people were invited for the ceremony. A total number of 12 awards were handed out. In YE 22, 8 more awards were created, and in YE 28 3 more, for a total number of 22 awards. Three more were created in YE 34.

Since YE 19, awards for “ Best Musical/Play” are awarded only to shows that have not been produced nor screened before. Shows that are reproduced or reshown in theatres are eligible for “ Best Revival of a Musical/Play”. Furthermore, particular employees of the Theatre bussiness may be rewarded with the prestigious “ Lifelong Achievement for Theatrical Excellence” also known by it's namesake, the “ Lokatu Award”, after actor Hiroy Lokatu, who created the award in YE 20.


Although the ceremony has not played as long as the Golden Lotus Awards, the awards have undergone some changes. The show is known for playing songs, re-enacting scenes from shows, and choreographed dancing on stage, although it is not allowed to actively promote a particular show for the purpose of winning votes.

Another change has been the difference between roles. A leading role is described as someone “ who either controls or drives the plot” and a featuring role is described “ someone who supports the plot or the leading role, but does not control it”.

A significant change has been the inclusion of holographic plays. Since YE 26, theatrical show is not reserved to physical acting alone, but also holographic theatre.

Marble House Statuette

The Marble House, officially known as the “ Award for Achievement in Theatrical Excellence”, is actually a brass and bronze statuette, featuring a column upon which the symbol of Theatre, “Comedy & Tragedy” are plated on a small nickel plate. They weigh 2.49 kg (5.5 lbs), and are 25.4 cm (10 in) heigh from top to base. The namesake of the Marble House actually refers to the first statuette, which featured an old Amphitheatre, a “ Marble Opera House ”. The image was however discontinued since YE 18, although the name stayed.

They are produced two months before the start of the ceremony, by the Kotshein Foundry in Central Uesureya, the same company that makes the statuettes for the Golden Lotus Awards and Soul Awards ceremonies.


In order to prevent any outside of the Yamatai Arts & Music Institute knowing the outcome of the ceremony, all statuettes are placed with blank name-plates at the presentation of the awards. They are then imprinted by an automatic laser inscription. In case of the awards pertaining to producers, most of the time their companies are scripted as well.


Similar to the Golden Lotus statuettes, ownership of the Marble House Award is retained by the winner, and they cannot sell the statuette, unless they offer the Yamatai Arts & Music Institute to buy it back for 1 KS. They have to sign a legal agreement for this, anyone not willing will have his statuette legally bound to the Arts Institute.


The Yamatai Arts & Music Institute convenes yearly upon the winners of the annual House Awards, however, it's Board of Director has control over eligibility in all award categories.

Regulations for nomination of a candidate are written down in the official Theatre Achievement Rules and Regulations, finalised in YE 17. Several important rules include: a show must have been screened before the ceremony's proceedings, the show must have a consecutive play-time of 30 minutes, the show must have been played more than five times, and the show must have run for longer than two consecutive weeks.

The nominations are voted upon by each applying group. The only exceptions for these are the awards for “ Best Musical ” and “ Best Play”, which are voted by the whole assembly.



Although most advertising is overshadowed by the far better known Golden Lotus Awards, the House Awards are nevertheless prominently featured in marketing at theatres and electronic entertainment alike. Several Theatre chains, as well as prominent production CEO, sponsor the event. In YE 36, a special 20-year ceremony was held, in which some prominent retired employees in theatre handed out 6 special awards, for lifelong achievement.


The first ceremony received little to none attention, despite the fact that it was broadcast throughout the Yamatai Star Empire. The ceremony is held at least four weeks after the Golden Lotus Awards, placing it in early April. The official dressing code is a tuxedo for men, and dresses for women. Almost all winners of performing awards reprise their winning role on stage, either by singing, or re-enacting.

The same as with the Golden Lotus, the date for the House Awards has been postponed a series of time, in YE 25 it was cancelled due to the destruction of Geshrinopolis, while in YE 34 it was postponed two months due to the The Battle of Yamatai.


The first ceremony was held in the Imperial Opera House, the biggest opera house at that time. Since it's completion in YE 19, the ceremony was held in the smaller Yamatai Imperial Music Hall, until the destruction of Geshrinopolis. Since YE 26, the ceremony is held in the Galactic Assembly Hall in downtown Kyoto, except in YE 36, when it was held in a rebuilt Imperial Opera House, in the Imperial District.

Award Categories

  • Best Leading Actor/Actress in a Play: since YE 16
  • Best Leading Actor/Actress in a Musical: since YE 16
  • Best Featuring Actor/Actress in a Play: since YE 16
  • Best Featuring Actor/Actress in a Musical: since YE 16
  • Best Musical: since YE 16 (Foreign since YE 34)
  • Best Play: since YE 16 (Foreign since YE 34)
  • Best Direction of a Play: since YE 16
  • Best Direction of a Musical: since YE 16
  • Best Original Score: since YE 16
  • Best Orchestrations: since YE 16
  • Best Original Song: since YE 16
  • Best Costume Design in a Musical/Play: since YE 22
  • Best Scenic Design in a Musical/Play: since YE 22
  • Best Choreography: since YE 22
  • Best Lighting Design in a Musical/Play: since YE 22
  • Best Revival of a Musical/Play: since YE 22
  • Best Book of a Musical: since YE 22
  • Best Newcomer: since YE 28
  • Best Casting: since YE 28
  • Best Make-up: since YE 28
  • Best Juvenile Actor: since YE 34

Discontinued Award Categories

List of Award Winners

The following is a list of plays/musicals, actors and producers, who have won or were nominated for a Marble House Award up to the 21st Marble House Awards Ceremony of YE 37. The winners for Best Play/Musical are in Italic.

Top Plays/Musicals Winners

Play/Musical Year Wins Nominations
Coast Town Stories YE 17 10 13
Teens YE 28 9 14
Classic Home YE 21 9 12
Blue Lake YE 35 8 9
Going Back Home YE 29 7 10
Crash Out YE 25 7 8
Shattered Hearts YE 18 7 7
Black Eyes YE 24 6 9
No Home For No Men YE 33 6 8
My Music in My Heart YE 27 6 7
Is it Really You YE 23 6 6
Cast in the Dark YE 22 5 8
Our State of Mind YE 19 5 6
Majesty YE 36 5 5
Closed Courtyard YE 16 4 7
Return to Sanity YE 18 4 6
Mayor Dissonance YE 31 4 6
May You Go On YE 24 4 4
Eight Pieces YE 21 3 5
Sociable YE 27 3 4
Commodities YE 23 3 3
Our Flight to Heaven YE 28 2 5
Dependant Strangers YE 34 2 3
Conscience & Contemplation YE 33 2 2
Followers Flowers YE 22 1 4
The Passing Fade YE 18 1 2
The Lights YE 25 1 1
The Ruler's Rules YE 18 0 5
Knight's Vow YE 37 0 3

Top Actors/Actress Winners

Sex Name Year(s) won Wins Nominations
M Thomas Huggon YE 16, YE 21, YE 29 3 7
F Lakita Shigou YE 21, YE 25, YE 37 3 5
F Margaret Cissou YE 28, YE 31, YE 35 3 4
F Akara Tisi YE 23, YE 24 2 5
M Henry Kathison YE 23, YE 31 2 4
F Kothiro Mai YE 18, YE 27 2 3
M Habai Koro YE 18, YE 34 2 2
F Elisabeth Vanders YE 20, YE 22 2 2
M Jekelo Rama YE 27 1 4
F Anna Limann YE 17 1 3
M Kamata Lei YE 17 1 2
M Ernst Gahrand YE 33 1 1

Other Multi Winners/Nominees

Name Category Wins Nominations
Leontine Hedron Make-up 9 10
Mirjam Elsser Make-up 8 11
Franz Keller Lighting Design 8 10
Gikama Tero Original Score 7 9
Hemeno Laki Costume Design 7 8
Friechrich Hedner Casting 7 7
Monica Lasser Costume Design 6 8
John Wilder Book of a Musical 5 7
Karoma Hoto Scenic Design 5 6
Sakami Sumi Orchestrations 5 5
Tarawa Hote Casting 5 5
Joanna Foster Choreography 4 7
Lutama Hebo Original Score 4 6
Rimawa Toju Make-up 4 6
Hatima Lari Scenic Design 4 5
Harry Tomber Book of a Musical 4 4
Udo Schirmer Lighting Design 3 6
Wakona Reto Scenic Design 3 5
Mark Treisch Scenic Design 3 4
Johannes Wilhelmus Original Score 3 4
Naomi Traut Costume Design 3 3
Gerard Maker Casting 3 3
George Makitt Choreography 2 5
Satoma Keri Original Score 2 4
Hans Germar Orchestrations 2 4
Jorimo Taka Lighting Design 2 3
Jessy Laker Choreography 2 2
Marcel Backer Book of a Musical 1 4
Bob Culder Orchestrations 1 3
Herama Lota Book of a Musical 1 2

Associated Events

The following is a list associated or predating the House Awards:

The following list are the versions of foreign nations, that closely resemble or mimic the House Awards:

OOC Notes

Yoerik created this article on 2016/09/08 04:57. This Article is inspired by the Tony Awards, so all credits go to the Broadway League and any associated organisations.

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