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Imperial Decree 15

Imperial Decree 15: The Senate was declared by Emperor Ketsurui Uesu in YE 28 to amend procedures and proceedings of the Senate of Yamatai.


The following legislature is based on and supersedes Proposal #2 - Voting Procedure Act and #32 - Update to Voting Procedure Act.

EACH MEMBER PLANET OF THE YAMATAI STAR EMPIRE HAS A SAY IN THE LAWS OF THE EMPIRE, and this privilege will not be taken away by this Emperor and Empress, or by any future Emperor or Empress of Yamatai.

This guide is here to clarify and instruct on the proper voting procedures a senator must follow in order to vote.

  1. Any person submitting a proposal automatically votes YES for that proposal, unless she is submitting the proposal for another person. In that case, they must state the author.
  2. Proposals are not valid for unless they follow the format as described in Proposal #17. (however, should there be any past proposals that were passed but did not meet the format, these are still considered valid).
  3. Once a proposal is submitted, voting for each issue will be open for 72 hours.
  4. A voter may vote YES, NO, or ABSTAIN, and may make comments or suggestions of improvements to the proposal, which may be utilized in a modified resubmission, or for a motion to change. A voter may also comment on the need for future proposals to supplement the proposal being voted on. Only direct statements about the vote will be counted when votes are tallied.
  5. A failed bill can be immediately re-run for voting if modified to reflect suggestions. Bills rejected, still in the same form must wait a week before re-submission.
  6. Voters may make a motion. In order for a motion to be successful, it must be seconded and unchallenged.
    1. Motions include:
      1. Motion to extend: Extends voting period by 24 hours.
      2. Motion to end: Ends the voting period if at least five people have voted.
      3. Motion to change: Allows the proposal to be modified for clarity or adjusted during voting. Voters may change their votes if necessary, but votes before the changes still count if left unchanged.
  7. After 72 hours, voting will be closed unless extended and votes after that period will not be counted. At least two votes must be made on a side for that side to be successful (OOC: Laws proposed when the GM's not around during the 72-hour period [Vacations, Army, etc] will not be finished until 24 hours after the GM returns from an extended absence). The side with the most votes wins. If there is a tie, the Emperor/Empress may decide the outcome, or call for a re-vote. Only winning proposals go into effect.
  8. The Emperor, Empress, and Senate have the right to alter this amended to a vote based wholly or partially on planetary or regional population if it is determined it the future that it would be better.
Example Votes
What will be counted What will not be counted
“I vote yes.” “I'd be for this if…”
“YES.” (In caps) “I don't like this proposal…”
“[Planet] supports this proposal.” “I'm for this”

OOC Notes

Imperial Decree #15: The Senate was written by Wes on 24 May 2005. Kim created this article on 2018/01/14 13:37.

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