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Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace in Kyoto, Planet Yamatai, is the home of the Imperial Senate of Yamatai of the Yamatai Star Empire and the office of the Imperial Premier. It is ten blocks away from (and facing) the home of the Emperor, the Empress' Palace. While not as high as the Empress' Palace, it is certainly impressive even from a distance. It is shaped mushroom-like, and it is easily distinguished between the other buildings.

It is 800 meters(2600 feet) high and 500 meters(1600 feet) broad. It is not the highest building in Kyoto, but it can be seen in the skyline and easily be depicted for its mushroom-like architecture.

Notable Interior Areas

Premier Citadel

In front, there is one big round tower, known as the Premier's Citadel, where the Imperial premier resides on top. Inside the tower, most of the Premier direct personnel work, but there are various Senator residents as well. It 500 meters(1600 feet) high and 100 meters (300 feet) broad, and contains up to 200 floors. The entrance to the rest of the Palace lies on the ground floor. People enter trough what is known as the Great Archway, above which the Yamatai Flag, the Ketsurui Clan symbol, and the Star Army Hinomaru are shown. Sidewaye from the Archway, two Ketsurui Samurai act as ceremonial protectors for the Senate. Every 2 hours, a changing of the guard is performed, a ceremony which is filled with much tradition, and is also a touristic sight. Across the doorway, the first line of the Anthem of Yamatai, “Let the moments of our future, Be greater than those passed” is written in gold.

Great Hall of Senators

Directly past the Archway, people enter a big entry hall from which various of the buildings chambers can be found. Besides a meeting hall for Senators, the hall also serves as the primary hub for all Senators personell. In the centre, several statues, including those of respected ex-Empress' and Senators, can be seen. The Senators and citizens have direct acess to SYNC and Yamatai Interstellar News Network (YINN) via various nodes stationed around the hall. At the opposite end of the Archway, the Senate Dome can be found.

Senate Dome

This stands in the heart of the building and is the place where most of the senate's discussions and proposals are done. The area has the shape of a indoors Greek amphitheatre, with most senators sitting around in chairs, while most of the times the Imperial Premier standing in the middle of the chamber, with the Speaker of the Senate and the Vice Premier beside him. When there is an proposal, the submitter is send forward on a repulsor pod towards the Imperial Premier, where he/she would hold his/her plea. The debates are always recorded and broadcasted live via Yamatai Interstellar News Network (YINN).

With the addition of the post of Senate Steward, the Dome was expanded slightly to allow for the Steward and his Sergeants in Arms to be seated, which is directly in front of the Premier. Also, in the top of the dome a public area was added for the Kyoto Citizens.

Ketsurui Spaceport

Named after the Royal Family, the space-port is the main entrance into the building from off-world. Yearly, thousands of tourists enter trough this space-port on their way trough the Imperial District. It is also the place where the off-world senators land on their way to the senate meetings. From here, several turbo-lifts can take the passengers to almost every chambers in the building. The spaceport is heavily monitored, so nothing is smuggled in.

Himiko, Yuumi and Yui chambers

When not conversing inside the Senate Dome, these three chambers are used for less important senate meetings. They are named after respected Empress'. While not as big as the Senate Dome, these chambers are often places where important gatherings are held if the Senate Dome is occupied. Mostly, when the Premier is inside the Senate Dome, the meetings in the chambers are administrated by a so-called “Imperial Chamberlain”. The Senators are seated in chairs here as well, around several long tables with the Chamberlain at the top.

Ayame View Balcony

Named after another member of the Royal Family, This balcony rests high above the Senate Dome and offers a great view over the rest of the city. It faces directly across to the Temple Of Chiharu, and at night it has some great view for astronomy, because it stands taller than most of the surrounding buildings and the Senate Dome blocks out most of the city light. Also, the spiritual services at the temple can be seen from here. Access is open for all, but most of the time it is very crowded.

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