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-====== Kagayaki Cosmetic Labs ====== 
-Kagayaki Cosmetic Labs is a division and product line of [[faction:​yamatai:​kagayaki|Kagayaki Cosmetics]] that was conceived in [[calendar:​ye_39|YE 39]] and opened the next year. Unlike its head organization,​ KCL (Kagayaki Cosmetic Labs) specializes in genetic cosmetics. Through this service, KCL provides cosmetic body modifications (known informally as genetic DLC) to clients, which allows customers to customize their bodies to their heart’s desires. This ranges from the addition of minor traits such as animal-like tails, ears, and fur, to major changes, such as height alterations,​ fat additions and subtractions,​ and full-body redesigns. While the modifications applied are generally cosmetic in nature, the addition and alteration of appendages such as wings and digitigrade feet will result in the associated changes to a person'​s movement abilities. 
-As of [[calendar:​ye_40|YE 40]], Kagayaki Cosmetic Labs can offer a full suite of alterations to Human (Nepleslian),​ [[species:​elysian|Elysian]],​ [[species:​elf|Elf]],​ [[species:​geshrin|NH-1 Geshrin]], [[species:​nh-22c|NH-22C Yamataian]],​ [[species:​minkan|NH-31 Minkan]] and [[species:​nekovalkyrja|Nekovalkyrja-series]] bodies. 
-**Developer:​** [[faction:​yamatai:​kagayaki]] {{  faction:​yamatai:​kagayaki:​kagayaki_logo.png?​125|Logo}} 
-===== Procedure Classification and Information ===== 
-All procedures are performed within the office of a licensed medical practitioner,​ who obtains the relevant directions and supplies from Kagayaki Cosmetic Labs. Most Class one and Class two operations do not require the patient to be put to sleep. However, localized anesthesia may be employed in these operations if the patient does not have the ability to block out pain. 
-==== Class One ==== 
-Class One operations are the simplest and most frequently performed cosmetic procedures. In essence, they involve minor alterations such as color changes, genetic tattoos, hair growth elimination and stimulation,​ genetic makeup, and more. For the most part, these changes are ‘skin-deep’,​ with few exceptions. However, because of the genetic nature of the changes, they are permanent unless a similar operation is conducted to reverse or shift them. 
-**Cost (1 Class One Procedure):​** 50 KS 
-==== Class Two ==== 
-Like Class One operations, Class Two operations are simple and quite frequently performed. However, they typically involve minor to semi-major structural changes to the body. These alterations range from fat additions and subtractions,​ external organ reshaping and customization,​ appendage addition and subtraction,​ facial alteration, and other operations of a similar scope. 
-**Cost (1 Class Two Procedure):​** 250 KS 
-==== Class Three ==== 
-Class Three operations involve major changes to the structure and/or composition of the body, although not as in-depth or rigorous as Class Four operations. These include minor height adjustments,​ minor bone structure adjustments,​ the addition of major appendages, voice changes, bodily odor changes, and the creation of  
-**Cost (1 Class Three Procedure):​** ​ 
-==== Class Four ==== 
-===== OOC Notes ===== 
-[[user:​immortal_cyan]] created this article on 2018/03/07 16:55. 
-Because of the nature of body customization and the nigh-infinite number of possibilities within, this page will not list all of the possible modifications and their associated prices, but rather, it will organize them into categories based upon the complexity and scope of the procedure. Any questions and/or clarifications on this article should be directed to [[user:​immortal_cyan]]. However, the article has specifically been written to allow the most amount customization options for player characters. When in doubt about the price of a specific operation, generally speaking, players should round up.  
-🚧 This article is a work-in-progress. Is it not currently approved.