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Kameko Clan


The Kameko clan has a long history of being a house which has always produced excellence in its warriors. Historically the lineage has always been seen in the shadows, offering its members to other dynasties as adept agents of combat and stealth. Some even say that the Kameko are responsible for the assassinations of ancient enemies of the old empire. It is said that the reason for the Kameko clan's skilled members is a set of old scrolls held by the family for generations, it is said that the archaic texts are manuals of war conduct and stealth. The treasure of the Kameko have even been rumoured of being ninja compendiums. Whatever the case maybe, eon after eon, the Kameko Lead by a ruling family that is advised by the clan's elders, have always been able cultivate a stealthy breed of soldiers for any Empire it is loyal to.

Code of the Kameko

Notable Members

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