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Karasu Clan

The Karasu clan is a noble house seated in Yamatai (Planet), but whose subsidiary families can be found throughout the entire Yamatai Star Empire. Their line predates the Empire. Their fortune was made in the slave trade before it was made illegal, and now they make their money in law, accounting, and banking.


Karasu Samurai are a part of the legacy of the clan. These are the defenders of the company, and protectors of senior clan members.


Members of the Clan can also be found serving in the Star Army of Yamatai, often at the behest of the main Karasu family.


The Clan operates several banks, law firms, and accounting firms across the Yamatai Star Empire. They make most of their money through these organizations. They own several estates of varying size on Yamatai (Planet), and smaller properties on most colony worlds.

Notable Clan Members

Name Family Position Age
Sora Karasu Main Clan Head 37
Rena Karasua Main Clan Mistress 36
Leillwyn Karasu Main Sora's Eldest Daughter 21
Aryll Karasua Main Sora's Second Daughter 20
Hiro Karasu Main Heir 19
Aidan Karasu Main Sora's Adopted Son 26
Minmae Furuka Family Head 32
Takashi Kozuhiro Family Head 34


The Clan symbol is a raven in flight on a white field. Clan members sometimes wear a collar pin of a standing raven. This pin is either gold, silver, or bronze, depending on their rank within the clan.

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