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Ketsurui Military Sector

A heavily defended stopping point once used by Ketsurui Uesu during his departure from Yamatai, the sector contains several star systems and is centered on Himiko System. It is heavily fortied by the Star Army of Yamatai. fire_in_the_sky_by_tylercreatesworlds.jpg


  • 6 industrialized systems (UX-14, UX-15, UX-16, UX-17, UX-20, UX-22) - See Military Buildup Limitations
  • 3 agricultural systems (Hanako's World, Sanctuary, UX-25)

Star Systems Included

North Gate

Central Area

Hanako Nebula

Yui Nebula

East Gate

  • Oum (UX-25) “Eastern Watchtower” / Military Garrison


The Defense Networks consist of Zodiac-class Star Fortresses (each equipped with very long range sensors and weapons), hundreds of Kante-class stations, and hundreds of thousands of PANTHEON'S EYE sensor drones. Other, less common equipment is also mixed in, such as various special sensors, superweapons, and hulked starship hulls converted into stationary or short-range mobile automatic gun platforms.

  • An enormous network of sensor probes lines the inner and outer borders (on either side of the FTL Deadzones).

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