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KS Card

A KS Card is a electronic banking transaction/debit card used within the Yamatai Star Empire. It connects to financial institutions by the PANTHEON system. Each card is contact-less, with embedded integrated circuits that are accessed by RF induction KS Card Reader and provide secure access. To access a KS Card the person must have the right access. These sort of cards can identify their user and only work in the possession of their owner.

All KS Cards contain the following information stored within:

  • User Identification
  • Biometric security data
  • User Account(s) information

A KS card can be used in stores and at Automated Teller Machines (ATM)s.

All KS Cards have the following visual features:

  • The Name or Logo of the issuing organization
  • The Name of the card holder
  • The card number for the card
  • Hologram logo for the NBY
  • Expiration date
  • (Optional) for a small fee, the person can have a custom image added.


Examples of issuing instituions

National Bank of Yamatai

The National Bank of Yamatai issues KS Cards to all its customers. The type of account the card holder has is indicated by the background design.

Star Army of Yamatai

All soldiers of the Star Army of Yamatai are issued a KS Card as part of their standard issue, along with their starting pay. This is how the soldiers access the services payroll.

Some military personnel are issued a separate KS Card for their position, these are called Expedient Military Acquisition Card (EMAC). EMAC cards allow the individual to purchase required supplies, equipment, and material from the local economy. All purchases must be in support of the Star Army of Yamatai, and the unit mission. EMAC KS Cards do not draw from the individuals account, but from an Military account. All activity on an EMAC card is audited monthly, to ensure that the funds are being used in accordance with the guide lines.

Government Agencies

Some government agencies issue their members a KS card to give them access to their pay. One such organization is the Scientific Studies Service (SSS).

Large Corporations

Large Corporations such as Ketsurui Fleet Yards, and Origin Industries also provide their employees with KS cards for payroll, and purchase purposes for those personnel who have the authority to make corporate purchases.

Anonymous card

These KS Cards can be purchase at any branch of the NBY, or at major shopping centers. These KS cards are not affiliated with any financial institution. The buyer loads the card with the designed amount of KS. Typically these cards are created on demand for business and trading purposes. But in some cases families will use them as a means of teaching their young members financial responsibility.

Card Examples

Click the small image to see a larger version

Generic Star Army of Yamatai
{{:yamatai:ks_card:ks_card_civil.png|Civilian card {{:yamatai:ks_card:ks_card_hanako.png|SAoY Card
Origin Industries Scientific Studies Service
{{:yamatai:ks_card:ks_card_oi.png|Origin Industries Card {{:yamatai:ks_card:ks_card_sss.png|SSS Card

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