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Miharu (美晴) Clan

The Miharu family is a relatively new addition within the Yamatai Star Empire. Though a minor clan, mostly consisting of young nekovalkyrja originally born as sprites onboard the YSS Miharu, it boasts a high level of technical expertise and shipboard proficiency.

Clan Emblem

The clan emblem has a meaning for each of its many pieces.

The Miharu Clan Emblem (by Kokuten).


The gold represents achievement for the clan and Yamatai as the goal of all things, as well as prosperity.

The sandy brown represents Miharu Mara, the first clan member and she who sacrificed herself so that the clan and Miharu's crew could live. It reminds clan members that Mara always is watching over them, and that all things they do build upon the field she laid out for them.


The “Reticle” circle symbolizes focus in all endeavors, and how one must not lose sight of the goal at hand. However, the lack of crosshairs is meant to reinforce not losing sight of the bigger picture, either.

The butterfly symbolizes the pursuit of “grace under pressure,” the clan's motto. Hinoto, clan mistress, explained it this way:

“Even when a butterfly is at its most imperiled, be it from predators or other calamity, it always has grace. Even in death, the butterfly is graceful. So must we be, too.”


Living Members

  • Miharu Hinoto, Clan Mistress, Bridge Officer
  • Miharu Nimura, Infantry Combat Ace, Power Armor designer
  • Miharu Rin, Technician
  • Miharu Suzume, Kessaku-certified IT Specialist and Communication Technologist
  • Miharu Cho, Chief Spokesperson, Lead Saleswoman
  • Miharu Hisa, Administrator for the Mistress
  • Miharu Haya, Caretaker
  • Miharu Kinu, Pilot
  • Miharu Tori, Primary Technician
  • Miharu Mina, daughter of Haya and a budding Technician

Deceased Members

  • Miharu Eiko
  • Miharu Etsu
  • Miharu Junko
  • Miharu Kichi
  • Miharu Kuni
  • Miharu Maya
  • Miharu Miko
  • Miharu Ozuno
  • Miharu Rei
  • Miharu Sanri
  • Miharu Tama

New characters from the Miharu Clan?

As most of the Miharu clan players are no longer active on Star Army, it's not possible to obtain their permission to create new members of the clan and we ask that you respect their wishes by not making new characters in the Miharu clan.


Clan members have several different weapons at their disposal while at the chalet, including shotguns, rifles and NSPs. They also have the only remaining collection of “Himiko Custom” Type 28C NSPs.

Ketsurui Zaibatsu Type 28C NSP “Himiko Custom”

Ceremonial bladed weapons

After the Battle of Yamatai in YE 33, the commanding admiral of the Divine Arrows Wing paid back the honor of being given a chance to “reach heaven.”

The Shôshô bequeathed onto the clan's members and the ship's crew weapons forged from the wreckage of the Divine Arrows' starships. The weapons were based on Yui-class Scout blades, but each weapon was individual and without replication.

Below are listed just some of the given weapons.

Owner Name Description
Hinoto Tsumetai Tamashii, “Cold Soul” a tachi with icy blue-white wrappings and scabbard
Nimura Chi no Megami, “Blood's Goddess” a katana wrapped and sheathed in deep blue, with flecks of red
Yuzuki Tadakaze, “Simple Wind” a katana wrapped in white and gold, with a wind-patterning upon the scabbard
Suzume Shi no Shiki, “Death's Four Seasons” four kunai, three without a crossguard and one with, kept in a sheath for wrapping around a limb, as well as one small light green sheath for the crossguarded weapon
Cho Saigo no Ryūgi, “Stylish End” a pair of kakute, colored gold and copper

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