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Municipal Police Force

Most every municipality has its own police agency. The Kyoto Municipal Police, or the KMP, is the largest. Some small prefectures, such as Gemis and Stars, have law enforcement on the prefecture level, as the municipalities within those prefectures aren't big enough to support stand-alone agencies. There are a few inter-municipality agencies, but they're specialized and rarely used.

Typically their jurisdiction is limited to the boundaries of the community's charter. They are responsible for enforcement of local ordinances, vehicular law, and any crime committed within their boundaries.

MPF Organization

The structure of each MPF depends on the size of the area, and the needs of the community. At a minimum there will be at least one station house that the officers will work out of. It is possible for an MPF to have jurisdiction over more than one municipality. For example two adjacent cities could elect to merge their local forces into a combined force.

As with other law enforcement agencies, they must have a court ordered warrant issued to search a structure, or vehicle. Exigent circumstances provides enforcement with the right to collect any evidence in plain sight when responding to a crime.


Each MPF can implement its own uniform standard. The KMP uniform: a basic navy blue button overshirt, crisp white collared shirt, a navy blue tie tucked into the overshirt, navy blue slacks, military-grade black leather boots, and equipment belt


Each MPF has their own badge to identify the members of their force. Some forces will opt for a pins or other means of identifying their enforcement personnel.

Kyoto Municipal Police Teisenjou Municipal Police

Procedure in Law Enforcement

The MPF follows a set standard of rules when dealing with crime:

  • They need probable cause and/or a warrant to search personal property.
  • Under exigent circumstances they can search property and seize any contraband in plain sight.
  • They cannot use excessive force.
  • They cannot perform actions in contradiction of Yamatai's laws or constitution.
  • They can hold an uncharged person(s) for 48 hours for any reason, but must let them go unless there is a warrant for their arrest.
  • In pursuit of person(s) breaking the law or resisting arrest, they have probable cause.
  • All held person(s) must be given adequate shelter, and have their needs provided for.
  • On-duty drinking or use of legal drugs1) is not allowed.
unless provided by a doctor

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