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National Bank of Yamatai

The National Bank of Yamatai (NBY), is operated by the Yamatai Star Empire, and falls under the Department of Finance. The NBY operates under a direct charter from the Department of Finance, but operates autonomously. The Mission of the NBY is to provide for the banking and financial needs of the citizenry. The NBY is also required to operate profitably, but must deal with its customers in an equitable fashion. The NBY records are audited annually by the oversight section of the Department of Finance.


  • Banking accounts, the NBY offers a range of bank accounts suitable for the individual, small business and large corporations.
    • Personal
    • Commercial
  • Business Banking equipment management
    • The NBY controls the design, function, and distribution of KS cards
    • The NBY controls the design, operation, and issuance of all KS Card Reader
    • Exchanging โ€œBellflower notesโ€ KS for other denominations
  • Loans
    • Private
    • Commercial


The National Bank of Yamatai is an equal opportunity employer, and operates under the Rules of Fair Employment. This means that any lawful citizen of the Empire may apply for a position, regardless of species, race, or sex. All employees are required to undergo a background check. The depth of the screening depends on the nature of the position they are to be occupying. Also periodic personnel audits, are conducted to ensure that the employees are still worthy of the trust given to them. Audits occur at six to eighteen month intervals.

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