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Yamatai National Police

The Yamatai National Police is the national law-enforcement agency for the planetary capitol of the Yamatai Star Empire. They are charged with enforcing Laws of the Yamatai Star Empire. They also act as an interplanetary investigation bureau, pursuing high-profile cases and criminals across planetary borders, and it not uncommon for them to have an office in the capitol of a major Yamataian colony world.

YNP Organization

The YNP possess large offices in every major city on Yamatai (Planet). These offices typically have 1000-1500 in employed personnel, but only 500-750 active on any given day. These offices typically have special-access underground parking for their vehicles and a holding area for charged persons in the YNP's care. They also have a locked armory 1) on the second floor large enough to equip the entire local department, but is only accessed by authorized personnel or in emergencies.

The National Police itself has two sets of staff โ€” a core group of special agents, detectives and support staff that are hired from a specific agency or from outside, and a secondary set of rotating officers that draws from the municipal law enforcement agencies. The secondary set takes up-and-coming detectives and officers from those municipal agencies and puts them on a one- or two-year tour-of-duty with the YNP. This allows the YNP to have a knowledgeable, emergency-ready body of agents to draw on in case of a crisis.

Notable police agencies cooperating with the YNP include the Kyoto Municipal Police, the Malifar Police Department, the Jskita Municipal Police, and the Uesureya Security Agency.


The YNP wears the KMP uniform: a basic navy blue button overshirt, crisp white collared shirt, a navy blue tie tucked into the overshirt, navy blue slacks, military-grade black leather boots, and equipment belt. In bad weather and at night patrolling YNP typically wear a reflective yellow-and-orange bandoleer-type harness.

Special agents and detectives are not forced to go by the uniform code, since their work is specialized. The only exceptions to this are during emergencies where all YNP personnel need to be easily identified.


Police identifiers vary on Yamatai, but all revolve around two types: Badges and pins. Badges tend to be preferred in colder areas and areas with bad weather, as they are more visible; pins are used in hotter places that require lighter uniforms. The YNP has opted for a pin on their overshirt's collar.

Special Agents and Detectives are not required to have the pin, but must always have some form of identification on themselves at all times: typically, they find it convenient to hold onto their police identification card and badge to wear around their neck or in an inside pocket of their overshirt.

Crime on Yamatai

Agents and Detectives of the YNP

Agents and Detectives in the YNP are responsible for the investigation of crimes and the response to said crimes. Agents are typically put together in tight-knit teams and sent on undercover and sting operations of illegal organizations โ€“ among the police forces, they are also considered the 'combat elite' as they frequently use blitz-style room clearing and arresting tactics on their foes. Detectives usually only work with one other partner, and operate much like their local equivalents but with less leash.

YNP Agents and Detectives depending on their posting can have access to military equipment. This includes upgrading the Minkan.

Procedure in Law Enforcement

The YNP follows a set standard of rules when dealing with crime:

  • They need probable cause and/or a warrant to search personal property.
  • Under exigent circumstances they can search property and seize any contraband in plain sight.
  • They cannot use excessive force.
  • They cannot perform actions in contradiction of Yamatai's laws or constitution.
  • They can hold an uncharged person(s) for 72 hours for any reason, but must let them go unless there is a warrant for their arrest.
  • In pursuit of person(s) breaking the law or resisting arrest, they have probable cause.
  • All held person(s) must be given adequate shelter, and have their needs provided for.
  • On-duty drinking or use of legal drugs2) is not allowed.


The Yamataia Nataional Police generally has access to the best equipment available.

the armory also has PA and is responsible for equipping all personnel with a standard issue side-arm.
unless provided by a doctor

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