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Neko Gakuen (ねこ がくえん) Neko Academy

In YE 29 with the release of the NH-29, the Yamatai Department of Education found itself facing a new challenge. That of preparing education of younglings born to discharged NH-29's. As the number of Nekovalkyrja outside of the military increased so did the need. The situation will continue with the Nekovalkyrja, Type 33.

To deal with this, the Department in YE 34 instituted the creation of Neko Gakuen. These are small schools dedicated to the unique challenge of educating and socializing the Younglings who mature in three months. The intent of these is to try and prepare the Younglings for Daigaku (University), employment or trade school. But also at the same time to prepare them for life in a Social environment. The size of these is directly related to the permanent Nekovalkyrja population in the region, and the likelihood of younglings.

One of the steps to accomplish this is that each Neko Gakuen will schedule on or more Special Activities with the local school each month. The Nekovalkyrja students participate in activities with students from one class of each school.

Note: Just as with regular children, the parents of a Youngling do have the option of home schooling.

Typical Schedule

  • Nekovalkyrja who are less than one month old participate with students from a Shōgakkō (小学校) Elementary.
  • Nekovalkyrja who are in their second month of life, participate with students from Chūgakkō (中学校) Lower Secondary.
  • Nekovalkyrja who are in their third month of life, participate with Kōtōgakkō (高等学校) Upper Secondary students.

These activities help the Nekovalkyrja develop a better understanding of their educational peers, and of civilians in general. It also helps foster a better understanding of Nekovalkyrja by the civilian students.

The curriculum includes an aggressive arithmetic, Yamataian, social studies, history, and science program. Students also participate in arts and crafts, music, homemaking, physical education. Focus on social interaction, team work are also part of the program.


Some Neko Gakuen will have dormitories for those younglings whose parent is serving in active duty. Staying in the dorm is only necessary if the youngling has no other guardian available. The dorms are very casual and are arranged to actually be more home like that a traditional dorm. At least one pair of adults stay with the students while in the dorm. Typically a Nekovalkyrja and a Yamataian or Minkan.


In situations where there is only a few younglings, the Gakuen will foster the children in homes with children of compatible development rather than house them in dorms. This was a recent option that was implemented, and it is hoped that such fosterings will help produce even more socially adjusted Nekovalkyrja.

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