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Nodal Command 2719

Nodal Command 2719 was added to the Nodal System in YE 39 to combat the Rixxikor plague waged against the Yamatai Star Empire's holdings and assets.

About Nodal Command 2719

The entry known as Nodal Command 2719 is a command that is explicitly designed to kill eggs of the Rixxikor species anywhere within the reach of a specific instance of the Nodal System. It can be implemented wherever the Nodal System is in effect, such as on well-developed planets in the Yamatai Star Empire and on starships of the Star Army of Yamatai. As such, it can be used to efficiently halt Rixxikor reproduction in these specific areas.


In YE 39, Kage Yaichiro was acting in his capacity as the commander of Jiyuu Fleet Depot when Rixxikor eggs were located in a shipment of equipment. Quarantining the shipment, this solution was quickly developed by Yaichiro out of a need to prevent the depot from being overrun by any eggs that had been missed before they hatched. Even missing a few of the eggs could have lead to an infestation. Taking advantage of the method of Rixxikor egg fertilization, the eggs were successfully rendered inert in a timely manner.

Technical Details

Nodal Command 2719 is a specific system-level command which takes advantage of Rixxikor reproductive methodology to render the race's eggs inert within the influence of a Nodal System. As the Rixxikor egg is fertilized by a visible mist, it was realized that the even smaller non-visible femtomachines making up the Nodal System could also penetrate the eggs. After this realization was reached it was a rather simple matter to code the femtomachines to identify Rixxikor Eggs, enter them, and disrupt them internally to the point where they are rendered inert. The greatest amount of programming is not the actual sabotage of biological processes, but the safety checks to ensure that indigenous lifeform reproduction is not harmed by false positive results. This process takes less than a few seconds after contact with the air, and even exceeds the speed of fertilization. As such, no sentient being is actually being killed in the process. Nodal Command 2719 is typically added as a simple patch over standard communications protocols to applicable control systems.

OOC Notes

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