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Power Armor Pilot Ranking system

This system is a way of ranking Pilots based on performance in combat. It is meant as a way to help commanders create balanced groups and have an easily understandable opinion on who might be best suited to lead a unit. Those with Higher ranks can be given access to more specialized armour systems and weapons that may be useless in the hands of a less experienced pilot. Used in Conjunction with the MCAS, this could be a way keep overeager new pilots from creating an armor that is overspecialized or too complex for their skills. Note that Each level retains any benefits gained by previous levels.

PA Pilot Ranks
Rank Skill level Benefits
AAA Advanced Access to any system desired
AA Very Skilled Highly advanced specialized systems
A Skilled specialized systems
B Average Better weapons
C Decent Better armor
D Poor None
F Failure Ability to pilot revoked

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