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Star Army Pilot Ranking System

The Star Army Pilot Ranking System is a standardized method for evaluating and classifying the skill, experience, and overall capability of pilots within the Star Army of Yamatai. This system has been implemented to ensure pilots are assigned to roles that match their abilities and to provide a clear path for career development.

Evaluation and Testing

Pilots in the Star Army are evaluated and tested regularly throughout their careers to ensure their skills and abilities align with the demands of their current and future roles. The evaluation process consists of both practical and theoretical examinations, as well as ongoing performance reviews.

  • Practical Examinations: Pilots are tested on their ability to perform various tasks, including basic flight maneuvers, advanced combat techniques, and emergency procedures. These tests are typically conducted in simulators, live training exercises, or during actual missions.
  • Theoretical Examinations: Pilots must demonstrate their knowledge of starship systems, navigation, tactics, and other relevant subjects through written and oral examinations. These tests help ensure pilots have a strong foundation of knowledge to support their practical skills.
  • Performance Reviews: Pilots receive ongoing feedback from their commanding officers and instructors, who assess their performance during missions, training exercises, and daily duties. This feedback helps pilots identify areas of improvement and tracks their overall development.

Rank Levels

The Star Army Pilot Ranking System comprises several rank levels, reflecting a pilot's progression from a novice to an expert. The following chart outlines the ranks, along with their corresponding symbols and descriptions.

PA Pilot Ranks
Rank Skill level Benefits
AAA Advanced Access to any system desired
AA Very Skilled Highly advanced specialized systems
A Skilled specialized systems
B Average Better weapons
C Decent Better armor
D Poor None
F Failure Ability to pilot revoked
T Trainee New recruits still learning the basics and have not yet completed initial training.

OOC Notes

This article is by Wes and replaces an earlier version by a deleted member.

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