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Saiga Clan

Clan Information
Daimyo Saiga Sakiko
Faction Yamatai Star Empire
Headquarters Kurayami-jo, Yamatai; Tatiana
Associated Organizations SP Labs

The Saiga are a clan of Geshrin nobles in the Yamatai Star Empire. Their history stretches back to before the creation of the Nekovalkyrja and settlement of Geshrintall (Yamatai).

Collectively, the Saiga honor their human ancestry, most refusing to upgrade beyond the Geshrin bodies they were forced into as a result of The Great Plague of YE 08. Soul Transfer technology strains their spiritual link to those honored dead that came before them and thus the family avoids using it.

Members of the Saiga family are typically gloomy and calculating individuals, carrying with them an air of severity for even the most trivial matters. Notably, many Saiga adorn themselves with irezumi tattoos that range from simple shoulder pieces to full-body depictions of glorious spirits, ancestors, and battles.

While loyal to the Empire above all, the Saiga often regard Nekovalkyrja with contempt and little respect, considering the species an affront to the Empire's historical past. Thus, although many are masters of courtly intrigue and politicking, the Clan has long since become uninvolved in the politics of Yamatai. Instead, they focus their efforts in strengthening the Empire in other ways, preferring to work in the shadows compared to other clans. But the family does maintain a notable contribution to Yamatai's progress though research and development by Saiga Psychogenetics Research Laboratories.

The Clan also encompasses a paramilitary arm, the Saiga House Guard, which reflects its martial, samurai roots. The House Guard operates the YSV Tsukuyomi, a company of Saiga Psychogenetics Model 31 Ō-yoroi, “Hatamoto” mecha, and maintains a detachment of samurai who wield traditional weapons such as katana, wakizashi, naginata, and yumi bow among others—all upgraded to compete at contemporary standards.

The ancestral home of the Saiga family is a castle called Kurayami-jo, which is nestled in the mountains north of Anisa in Koriyama Prefecture, overlooking the Sea of Coriolis. Main family operations were moved to Tatiana starting in YE 07, but with that planet's fall during the opening stages of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War, leadership was returned to the Yamatai estate.

Notable Saiga

OOC Notes

The Saiga Clan was created by raz around 2006-2007. It was “approved” via the NTSE in 2011 here.

In raz's absence, the Saiga Clan may not be used in roleplay or adopted by another manager.

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