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Amendment To Treaty With Ohara

Proposal #75: Amendment to Treay with Ohara was proposed in YE 29 by Vax Jameson to the Senate of Yamatai where it was passed unanimously.


My fellow senators, it has been more than a year since my planet joined the Yamatai Star Empire.

In that time, the Empire has experienced many trials and tribulations, but the people of Ohara have remained steadfastly loyal. True to my words to you a year ago, the Empire has received many benefits from Ohara. Our grain feeds many Imperial soldiers. Our soldiers serve in your fleets. Our culinary traditions enriches your own. Ohara Star Fortress has extended the reach of Imperial influence and military power.

And Ohara has benefited from this partnership as well. In a time of deep political divisions within Phodian society, Ohara Star Fortress shines on as a beacon of hope and solidarity for my people. Our elite soldiers have the chance to soar beyond the clouds, and even visit strange new worlds.

However, in the name of preserving our culture, Ohara has also bore many sacrifices. We do not allow anything planet side that we cannot produce with our own technology, except for transportation for our soldiers to Ohara Star Fortress. Even these unarmed shuttles are carefully and heavily guarded.

This is perfectly understandable and justified, especially for weaponry, but what of compassion? Countless of my people die each year due to diseases that are incurable by our medical technology. Countless more languish in sickbeds, unable to contribute to society. Almost all of them could have been easily cured by Yamataian technology within a day, by medicine and devices produced by Emrys Industries, and yet we only allow access to these life-saving medicines aboard Ohara Star Fortress, to our healthy soldiers.

This is certainly not compassion. Will you, my dear, fellow senators, call it justice?

In light of this situation, I, by the powers entrusted to me by the people and the coalition of governments of Ohara, hereby propose the addition of the following clauses to the treaty between Yamatai and Ohara:

Amendment To Treaty With Ohara

10. The importation of medicines and other medical devices is to be considered on a case-by-case basis by a panel of impartial Yamataian scientists (to be appointed by Yamatai and approved by Ohara), and be allowed if it is determined that the medicine or device cannot be reverse-engineered to benefit the development of weapons technology on Ohara.

11. In cases where such importation cannot occur, Phodian patients, whether soldier or civilian, who are suffering from conditions that cannot be adequately treated by Phodian technology, will be allowed to seek treatment aboard Ohara Star Fortress and other Star Army ships stationed in the Ohara system, as conditions will allow.

12. If it is determined that the currently available medical resources orbiting Ohara is not sufficient to meet medical demand, Yamatai will provide additional ships, personnel, and supplies until such demand is met. Ohara is willing to compensate for the necessary costs, within its means.

13. The importation of weapons technology of any kind onto Ohara is strictly forbidden. Violators will be turned over to the Star Army of Yamatai.

Closing Statement

By current estimates, only a few more well staffed hospital ships should be needed.

Ohara does not seek the trappings of war, my fellow senators. It would do my planet more harm than good. However, in the case of medical technology, I trust that you will vote with both your minds and your hearts.

OOC Notes

Kim created this article on 2018/01/27 05:28.
Proposal 75:Amendment to treaty with Ohara was proposed by Yangfan on 14 Aug 2006 and was passed on 18 Aug 2006.

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