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Military Centralization Act of YE 28

The Military Centralization Act of YE 28 was submitted to the Senate of Yamatai in YE 28 by the representative for Hoshi no Iori and was passed by as Proposal #67 with a vote of 3 Yay / 1 Nay (9 representatives did not vote).

It changed the same of the name of the Grand Star Army to the Star Army of Yamatai and outlawed Mercenaries in the Yamatai Star Empire.


  1. For the protection of the Empire and subjects of the Empire.
  2. To prevent recurrence of the events like the QIS uprising in YE 26.
  3. To solidify the military presence in Yamatai space.
  4. To encourage use of the Star Army of Yamatai for protection missions, thus allowing the Empire to have more of a handle on exploration activities.
  5. To help enforce Decree 14, Item 1; “Planetary Self-Defense Forces will be integrated into the Star Army.”

Law Text

  1. No organization besides the Star Army of Yamatai is permitted to maintain any standing or temporary military force, except for planetary governments, which may maintain standing militaries of their own if they would prefer that to Star Army defense forces.
    1. A standing military force is an armed unit or units of personnel whose primary purpose is military in nature.
    2. Security forces and escorts are permitted, but should not act as the main force or independently of the main force of a fleet.
  2. The Yamatai Space Self-Defense Force will be disbanded and YSSDF personnel will be transferred to the Star Army of Yamatai.
  3. Standard (YE 27 type) Fleet size is reduced to 1 division (624 ships) but fleets may include up to 5,000 ships as this limit was introduced in Imperial Decree 14. Planetary defense forces are limited to one fleet of up to 5,000 ships as well.
  4. Major Corporations such as Ketsurui Zaibatsu and NovaCorp may not have fleets larger than 500 ships each at any given point, and may not have more than 5 fleets each.
  5. All ships belonging to any organization that has two or more starships must be registered as part of a fleet and listed for all to see. Fleet lists should be updated as needed to reflect changes made to them.
  6. Item 2 of proposal 14 is revoked, as it is no longer applicable. “Grand Star Army” will no longer be used in any official capacity and “Star Army of Yamatai” will remain the name of the Yamatai Empire's military.
  7. The maximum permitted length, width, or height of any mobile starship or starbase is 25 kilometers unless special permission is obtained from the Star Empire.
  8. Escort services will be provided by the Star Army of Yamatai on a very regular basis and on request when appropriate to ensure civilians are protected against threats like the Mishhuvurthyar while in transit.
  9. All inter-system ships must have hyperspace/subspace communications abilities. All starships must have basic radio communications capabilities.
  10. Should any citizen (or corporation) of the Empire discover a new world with life on it, it is their duty to immediately notify the Yamatai Star Empire of the discovery.

OOC Notes

Military Centralization Act of YE 28 was written by Wes in 26 May 2005.

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