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Star Army Signatures Act

โ€œProposal #5 GSA Signatures Actโ€ was created by Ketsurui Yui in YE 23. It passed unanimously.


  1. To establish a method in which GSA members present a standard, uniform signature for their correspondence.
  2. To prevent clogging message boards.


All GSA signatures will be made using the following format:

[Small Rank Pin Image] GSA no [Rank] [Family Name] [Individual Name] [Position], [Ship name (Ship IRN)]

No need for the โ€œnoโ€ for the enlisted Trade (language) ranks.

Examples are below:

GSA no Taii Kesari Michiimiko Intelligence Officer, GSS Orwell (GF-84)

GSA Second Class Petty Officer Helenko Naomi Chief Technician, GSS Sashikorosu (GF-79)

OOC Notes

Proposal #5 GSA Signatures Actโ€œ was written by Wes in 21 Jan 2003. Kim created this article on 2018/01/04 17:46.

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