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Trans-universal Corporate Expansion

Proposal #72: Trans-universal Corporate Expansion was submitted to the Senate of Yamatai by the senator of Planet Nataria in YE 29 were it was defeated with a vote of 1 Yay / 2 Nay.

Nataria's Argument
And what is it that you wish for them to do in this Universe? They already create technology, ships, weapons everything, for the use of the Yamataian Empire and Nepleslian Empire. Is it that you wish them to join in in this exploration scheme?

Hoshi no Iori's representative said 'focus', to 'focus' on the present universe. But Emrys Industries and NovaCorp, the two industries that are most affected by this bill, are already those corporations that focus greatly on this universe, that do the most in terms of development, certainly with Emrys Industries and its philanthropic projects in Nepleslia. It is difficult to see how they should be more 'focused', but if your eminences have suggestions perhaps they should be suggested too these companies.

Moving to another universe is much like, in more primitive times, setting up a branch in another country. It is simply a place with more business opportunities, and, to expand their interests. In the sake of a free market I see no reason to bind them.

Let us not forget that in the current standing of things a Corporation can not, with its own ships and its own crew go on an exploration of far off planets, to explore. However allowing for an establishment in another universe serves much the same purpose, however it is not a territorial exploration, but an exploration of people, culture, and that which they might have and which we do not.

Kohana voted no saying that if these corporations bit off more too much they could choke, but are we a nanny state which prevents our corporations from taking a few steps on their own feet in a new world? Yes they might 'choke', and be forced to shut down the branch, burnt from the experience, but should it not be their choice? Their option?

We also think that possibly for this issue representatives of the Various Major Corporations should be able to have their say before the Senate.


  1. Given the recent expansion into other universes by two of the Major Corporations, they have come across situations that require the attention of the senate, given the comparison between the laws that bind them in this universe, and that which is need in the others.
  2. The forces that they can come across in an alternate universe require defense from, and since the Star Army of Yamatai is not there to protect them, some of the laws are no longer relevant.
  3. To establish the laws under which Yamataian Corporations abide while in an alternate universe.


  1. A corporations branches, while in an alternate universe is allowed to create and maintain a military force for self defense. The other universes are dangerous places, and other corporations there have similar measures.
  2. A corporation however is not able to bring these forces into our universe without prior agreement from the senate. In times of war these forces may work to our advantage as reinforcements.
  3. Any corporation in another universe must keep the Empire informed of its actions. Thus we may make sure they do not do anything that defies the will of the Senate of Yamatai.
  4. Members of corporations in another universe, unless stated otherwise, do not receive any diplomatic status from the Yamatai Star Empire, and as such are subject to that universes laws while they remain there.
  5. A Major Corporation may make its own arrangements with other corporations and nations, and these are in no way binding to the Yamatai Star Empire.

OOC Notes

Proposal #72: Trans-universal Corporate Expansion was written by Zakalwe on 18 Jan 2006.
Kim created this article on 2018/01/08 15:39.

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