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Shimizu Clan

The Shimizu Clan is a part of the Yamatai Star Empire and was formed in YE 28.

Shimizu Clan (清水)
Largest Presence Kyoto, Yamatai (Planet). Edo (江戸市), Miu
Leadership Shimizu-Motoyoshi Akina (清水本吉明菜) and Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko
Government Type Imperial House of the Yamatai Star Empire
Parent Government Yamatai Star Empire
Connections Ketsurui Clan, and Motoyoshi Clan
Formation YE 30
Current Year YE 45
Currency Bellflower Note(KS)
Custodians Miyako

History and Background

The clan was formed by Shimizu-Motoyoshi Akina (清水本吉明菜) and Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko in YE 30 two years after the creation of the larger Motoyoshi Clan. In YE 30, Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko became Empress by succeeding Kitsurugi Uesu. The formation of the Shimizu Clan was made to support the new Imperial House and manage titles for Shimizu members.

Imperial Standard

Previously, the seal was the stylized galaxy, with an Imperial Seal superimposed over it. The mon is slated to be redesigned.

Clan Motto

“あなたの光を輝かせましょう” (It means “Let your light shine” in Yamataigo (邪馬台語).)


Traditions of Yamataian Culture are followed and respected by the Shimizu Clan. This includes Norse practices. They also practice their own culture, and there is considerable crossover with the Motoyoshi Clan.

Traditional Holidays and Ceremonies

While observing Holidays in the Yamatai Star Empire, and some Motoyoshi Clan holidays, the Shimizu Clan also observes their own holidays.

Victory Festival (Sigrblót) 21日6月 This celebration marks the traditional beginning of the campaigning season. There are celebrations of current and former serving soldiers, feasts, and Summer games. It is often held at a beach when appropriate.
Tsukimi (Motoyoshi) 2日8月 The celebration corresponds to the harvest moon of the destroyed colony at Taiie. Reminiscent of colonist farmers that worked the colony's fields it is a celebration of autumn that is still celebrated by the Motoyoshi and Shimizu. The celebration generally includes feasting within the volumetric captured images of the fallen world's moon, accompanied by soft flowing flute music and tranquil gurgles of water features.
Lantern Festival (Motoyoshi) 17日2月 to 20日2月 Elaborately decorated lanterns made by clan members are put on display. These designs integrated with all kinds of creative expression; painting, flower arranging, carving and sculpture creating. Lantern displays are judged and the winners are honored by being permitted to keep their display up after the end of the festival until the next year.
Jol (Yule)/Winter-Nights Festival 21日12月 to 1日1月 Often combined with Winter-Nights (usually celebrated on the first full moon after the first frost), this holiday is marked with great feasting, storytelling, poetry, and gift giving. It can be celebrated alongside of other year-end celebrations in Yamatai. It is said that spirits ride through the dark skies during this time, so dressing up as Norse or even Yamataian figures for parties and events is often a part of the fun. Celebrations usually include a decorated tree.

Shimizu Philosophies

With a basis on the revered runes of Yamatai, the Shimizu maintain a mostly complimentary set of values to the other clans, but from a different source.

Imperial Loyalty (Similar to Motoyoshi) The Shimizu are loyal scions of the Yamatai Star Empire. Their support for the Ketsurui Clan and Empress Himiko I is staunch. When the throne was abdicated to Katsuko in YE 30
Nekovalkyrja (Similar to Motoyoshi) The Nekovalkyrja are the current pinnacle of life forms known. This does not preclude admiration or respect for others.
Tolerance Shimizu clan members believe to respect, appreciate, and enjoy different peoples is a mark of honor. This especially applies to Norians, Elves, and natives from Yamatai (Planet).
Star Army of Yamatai Tradition (Similar to Motoyoshi) Service in any form, in the Star Army is seen as vital. They believe it is an essential part of Yamatian Culture, and that everyone should serve at least once for their own betterment, and that of the Empire. Command level officers are highly respected, both inside and outside of the clan, as well as long-serving veterans. They feel the fleet restrictions are too strict, and threats to the Kikyo Sector would be better challenged by larger forces.
Sensou (Shared with Motoyoshi) Sensou ( 戦争) - War is the expression of Imperial power and justice. It is the fundamental protection of the Empire and the Star Army of Yamatai is the most prestigious way of life for Nekovalkyrja. The Motoyoshi view war as an art-form in which must be executed with strategy, courage, and ferocity. To play a role in the evisceration of the empire's enemies is a high honor and should be conducted with grace and power to achieve victory in the name of the Empress.
Unorthodox Measures (Shared with Motoyoshi) The Motoyoshi and subsequently, Shimizu strategy during battle includes the abnormal and/or cunning application of assets to achieve victory or and advantage towards victory.

The Clan Runes

With a basis on the revered runes of Yamatai, the Shimizu maintain a mostly complimentary set of values to the other clans, but have their own sources and interpretations. These are not the only runes incorporated into Shimizu tradition and lifestyle.

Clan Runes
'ᚨ' (Oss) Intelligence, Wisdom, Divinity (Aesir): The light of knowledge raises us up.
'ᛈ' (Peord) Sexuality, Playfulness, Mystery: The Shimizu are generally polyamorous and sex-positive. As with most of the Empire, they feel expanding yourself as a person includes being able to let go in the way you like best. A nice surprise is also welcome.
'ᛏ ' (Tiwaz) Leadership, Justice, Combat: As most Clan members are involved in Yamataian society in some manner, leading from the front is encouraged. All are encouraged to learn the art of combat, or their own personal battle.
'ᚷ' (Gebo) Hospitality, Generosity: Invite the worthy into your feasting hall, and your fires will always stay lit.
'ᚹ' (Wunjo) Joy, Pleasure, Comfort, Camaraderie: There is time for adventure and battle, as well as time for one another.

Incorporated Species

The Simizu Clan is completely Yamataian with representatives of the following species so far:

Leadership and Clan Structure

This is the clan's leadership structure as of YE 45:

Motoyoshi Leadership Structure
Title Name Imperial Title Notes Current Assignment
Clan Leader Shimizu-Motoyoshi Akina (清水本吉明菜) None Founder, Married to Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko Yes
Clan Leader Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko Wife of Akina. Jōkōgō Heika1) Ruled the Yamatai Star Empire in YE 30 Yes
Heirs Apparent
Title Name Imperial Title Notes Current Assignment
1st Heiress Shimizu-Motoyoshi Akiko (清水本吉明子) naishinnō (Princess) Daughter of Akina and Katsuko Yes
2nd Heiress Shimizu-Motoyoshi Miu naishinnō (Princess) Daughter of Akina and Katsuko Yes
3rd Heiress Shimizu-Motoyoshi Ayano (清水本吉綺乃) naishinnō (Princess) Daughter of Akina and Katsuko Yes
Note: Children of Shimizu-Motoyoshi Akina (清水本吉明菜) may use naishinnō (Princess). 'Hime' is often used as well.

The Shimizu Clan is a small clan in terms of membership currently, with more working through corporate contracts than by blood or adoption. Motoyoshi Clan members in good standing are considered a part of the Shimizu Clan (unless the individual expresses otherwise).


The Shimizu believe that the Empire is the way forward. They prefer cooperation but always try to sus out the motives of others as a contingency. They support the Imperial line, and respect the lawful transfer of power from the head of state, and view attempts to wrest absolute authority away from the ruling Clan as seditious. While this and their support for the Star Army sets them firmly in the Bellflower Party, they do not consider themselves hardliners or set against any supposedly liberal groups. They believe the throne has the ultimate authority, followed by The Constitution of Yamatai Star Empire.


The corporate arm includes all businesses that fall under the Shimizu Zaibatsu umbrella. The Clan has a long-running venture that began when there became need for tough survival equipment in YE 30.


Allies of the Shimizu:

Enemies of the Shimizu Clan include:

  • N/A


The Shimizu Clan is most prominent in the core systems of Yamatai Star System and Nataria. Their presence is felt even more in the systems known as, “The Three Sisters”, Akiko, Miu, and Ayano. This extends somewhat to the system Akina, and the citizens, the majority Norian, settled there. No official territory such as the Motoyoshi Colonial Sector has been granted by the Imperial House.


New members are allowed with approval, as long as they:

  • Are in the Yamatai Star Empire.
  • Are a compatible species, mostly Nekovalkyrja.
  • Are involved with the Clan.
  • Are observant of the runes and clan philosophies.

Contact Miyako if you have questions or need help.

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