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Shimizu Clan

After most of the remaining members of the Motoyoshi Clan severed ties with those who remained in the west, including their leader the few remnants of the 5th Expeditionary Fleet members that Taisho Shimizu decided to enact the plan that had been under approval from the Imperial Clan since the United Outer Colonies split her future wife's family into parts, and froze all of her accounts and rights to the Clan.

With a multi-faceted company, Shimizu Advanced Space Industries (including Shimizu Fleet Yards for military projects) growing in the Bard Cluster, the announcement of formation was made public when the Fourth Standard Fleet established a headquarters at the former home of both Katsuko and Akina, Taiie.

Currently the Clan is looking to expand their interests beyond the pledge families from the Bard Cluster. Relying on the large body of former soldiers coming to settle in the area after Empress' Himiko fleet reduction for the other side of this, many of the former 5th XF members have been offered places and Fourth Fleet soldiers are often asked when they have impressed the Taisho with their dedication and skill.

Of the Blood (Includes by Marriage)

Associate Members

Contacts, hangers on, employees, and non-name carrying members.

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