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Tanken Armor - Scientific Studies Service (SSS)

About the Tanken armor

The Tanken (Expedition) armor is another instance of adapting Star Army of Yamatai technology for use by civilians.


Developed by Ketsurui Fleet Yards originally for use by Scientific Studies Service (SSS) expedition members. Since the SSS is a civilian agency military grade power armor was deemed inappropriate. So the SSS opted for a lightweight armor system to defend its resources when necessary. It is the primary armor for Tansaku-class Science Vessel security personnel. It is also used by SSS security personnel at the SSS Campus.

Key features

The Tanken armor is designed to be worn over the SSS Tanken uniform; but can be worn over any other normal clothing. It has two modes of protection:

  • Basic Mode provides protection for the vital areas of the wearer; head, neck, shoulders and torso. It is covered in para-aramid fabric and has Durandium alloy panels for additional protection.
  • Combat Mode provides increased protection for the wearer in the form of shields that can surround the wearer.


The Tanken armor is charcoal black in color and consists of four sections:

  • Helmet - resembles a motorcycle helmet, visor can be opened
  • Shoulder assembly - resembles an oversized pair of shoulder pads, the neck sheath is made of a durandium mesh covered in Aramid fabric.
  • Front - resembles your basic ballistic vest, except it provides protection down to the groin. There are straps for attaching a holster on either side. There are two small panels that open in the upper chest, the one on the left is for inserting a Basic Communicator, and the right panel is the capacitor switching control. It consists of two LED indicators showing the capacitor charge, and two switches. Which allow the wearer to select which capacitor is powering the shield unit and which one is powering the anti-grav.
  • Back - Similar to the front except with longer sides which wrap around and attach to the front providing protection for the sides of the abdomen.

Note: There is a hook and loop panel to attach subdued version of the Expedition/Ship patch.

Putting on the armor

The Tanken armor is put on by first pulling the shoulder unit over the wearer's head. The wearer then secures the front and back panel along the sides, and lastly at the bottom by the groin. Next the wearer secures the neck sheath, and lastly puts on the helmet.

Note: Armor can be operated without the helmet, but this does leave the head exposed in basic mode.



Organization Using This item: Scientific Studies Service (SSS) Type: Armor Nomenclature: Ke-M9-1a Designers: Ketsurui Zaibatsu Research and Development teams, Takumi Manufacturers: Ketsurui Fleet Yards Entered service: YE 31

Dimensions and Mass


The Tanken armor adds approximately 7.5cm (3 inches) to the wearer's height and width.


  • 20kg (44lbs)

Propulsion and Range

Antigrav: 100 kph Range: 2 hours per charged Ke-M9-G3100


Front view

Sheild emitter visible in shoulder unit. Control and comm panels highlighted, side panels shown in open position.

Rear view

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

Armor: 2 DR Personnel scale Shields: 4 DR Personnel scale


Ke-M9-P3100 - Anti-grav

This is a compact version of the Ke-M2-P2702, it is located in the shoulder unit of the Tanken armor. It has a low lift and thrust potential. The wearer controls the flight by body movements.


The basic protection is provided by the para-aramid fabric, and thin Durandium panel inserts are incorporated to increase protection but not sacrifice mobility.


The Tanken armor has no integrated communication system, it features a compartment that the wearer can insert a Basic Communicator.


The helmet resembles a motorcycle helmet. Composed of a combination of Durandium and carbon layers. It connects to the neck shield when put on. When the visor is closed it filters the air for the wearer for as long it has power. When worn it gets its power by a connection on the neck shield that attaches to the helmet. The helmet has a built in headset for accessing a Basic Communicator. The helmet also has two built in power displays which show the status of the Ke-M9-G3100 Capacitor modules.

Ke-M9-G3100 - Capacitor module

The Tanken armor uses two Ke-M9-G3100 modules mounted in the small of the back. The Ke-M9-G3100 is basically a Ke-M4-2902 without the generator. Normal operation is one for shields and the other is for the anti-grav. However the wearer can choose which capacitor is power which system.

Ke-M9-S3100 - Shields

The Tanken armor has two Ke-M9-S3100 shield generators mounted in the shoulder unit. The Ke-M9-S3100 is based on the Ke-M2-P2701 except that they create a focused shield. They can be operated individually or together. Each generator creates and elliptical barrier to protect the wearer from the front, rear or both, and the barrier is polarized to allow the wearer to shoot out.

Operating time on a single K3-M9-G3100 Both shields: 15 minutes Single shield: 30 minutes


Ke-M9-G3101 - Trickle charger

The Ke-M9-G3101 is a low yield Aether generator. It is basically a compact Ke-M4-G2902 without the capacitor. It is designed to slowly recharge the Ke-M9-G3100 capacitors in the field. It can only charge them when they are not being used. The Ke-M9-G3101 takes approximately 30 minutes to charge one Ke-M9-G3100.

Ke-M9-G3102 - Power Converter

The Ke-M9-G3102 connects to any standard power receptacle. It can charge up to two Ke-M9-G3100 capacitors at a time. Recharge time is approximately 30 minutes to charge one Ke-M9-G3100, 45 minutes to charge two.

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