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Yamatai's Treaty With The Gartagen Union

In YE 34, the Yamatai Star Empire, via Shôshô Ketsurui Hanako, established a treaty with the Gartagen Union.

The treaty laid the groundwork for cooperation against the NMX during the Second Mishhuvurthyar War at Ether.

Treaty Text

1. Both nations would recognize each others' sovereignty.

2. Titles and ranks of both nations would be recognized.

3. Both nations are permitted to travel across each others' space.

4. Persons crossing borders are subject to reasonable searches as a security measure, and will be required to follow that nation's laws.

5. Military forces of either nation are not to enter star systems of the other without permission of that star system's nation.

6. Free trade between both nations except for restricted technologies.

7. Both governments should maintain open and ongoing communication.

8. No hostile or harmful action, overt or covert, against each other.

9. Gartaga must agree not to ally with the SMN (Mishhuvurthyar) or assist them in any way.

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