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Yamatai Film Companies

The Film industry of Yamatai is a complex system of several production and distribution companies, governed mostly by the two largest Film distribution companies of Yamatai, Stardust Pictures and Yukosfilm Ltd. The following is a list of all known main-stream film-related companies in Yamataian space. Independent companies are not shown. They are in chronological order, from the date of establishment (DOE).

Arts & Sciences Insitutes

Insitute DOE President Employees Notes
Yamatai National Film Institute YE 04 Himatha Kojo ~5,258 Hands out Golden Lotus Awards & Stellar Awards
Yamatai Arts & Music Institute YE 16 Kemo Jakis ~4,500 Hands out Marble House Awards & Soul Awards

Film Distributors

Company DOE CEO Known Capital Amount Employees Notes
Universal Cinematics YE 02 Jogohthi Maio ~2,120,400,200 KS (in YE 14) ~250,000 (in YE 14) Disbanded in YE 19
Stardust Pictures YE 10 Ogawa Kaia ~3,560,340,260 KS ~350,000 Largest film company in Yamatai
Yukosfilm Ltd YE 17 Harathi Yuko ~2,930,567,910 KS ~300,000

Film Production

Company DOE CEO Known Capital Amount Employees Notes
NDE Productions YE 08 Victor Strauss (Nepleslian) ~570,920,490 KS ~4,000 Part of Yukosfilm Ltd
Rose Animation YE 10 Jeremy Rose (Nepleslian) ~380,120,680 KS ~3,000 Part of Stardust Pictures
Victoria Pictures YE 11 Kitha Moje ~490,630,880 KS (in YE 14) ~6,000 (in YE 14) Disbanded in YE 30
Rockwood Films YE 13 Taketa Mishu ~670,540,100 KS ~5,500 Largest Film production company in Yamatai, based on Asura III
Italic Cartoons Production YE 16 Iruto Ma ~480,910,650 KS ~4,000 Reformed in YE 28 into Italic Animation, split from Yukosfilm Ltd
Firefly Films YE 17 Mokuti Haio ~540,650,290 KS ~5,000 Part of Yukosfilm Ltd
Magical Film Company YE 19 Gasha Makuti ~480,950,320 KS ~3,000
Comedy House Entertainment YE 20 Kunito Hawa ~420,800,360 KS ~3,000 Part of Yukosfilm Ltd
Yody Films YE 22 Jarathe Dyo ~620,980,310 KS ~4,000
Gatherer Films YE 23 Kiroto Lucio ~390,500,910 KS ~3,500 Part of Stardust Pictures
Haroldton Pictures YE 23 Michael Haroldton (Nepleslian) ~380,920,540 KS ~3,000
Hansel Productions YE 27 Gerard Hansel (Abwehran) ~320,960,180 KS ~5,000
Animax Animations YE 28 Seizuko Kani ~260,930,580 KS ~2,000
Vibrant Cloud Filmworks YE 31 Kunida Soh ~140,360,180 KS ~4,000 Based on Anisa
Wicked Pictures YE 36 Louis Arzanel (Nepleslian) ~80,320,560 KS ~3,000


Effect Studios

Company DOE CEO Employees Notes
Temple Effects & Sounds YE 09 Mikaso Yiko ~12,000 Part of Stardust Pictures
Lion Effects YE 13 Luke Mayton (Nepleslian) ~4,000 Part of NDE Productions
Hammer & Anvil Effects YE 16 Hekuno Shati ~8,000 Part of Rockwood Films
Starbound Lights & Effects YE 23 Makoten Riyo ~8,000 Part of Yody Films
Lunarflix Lighting & Effects YE 25 Lighathe Nemro ~14,000 Largest SFX company in Yamatai, Part of Yukosfilm Ltd
Angel Effects YE 30 Anton Berger (Abwehran) ~2,000 Part of Animax Animations

Cinema companies

Company DOE CEO Employees Notes
Utopia Cinemas YE 05 Jukama Oki ~18,000
Exotic Cinema Company YE 07 Herman Altor (Nepleslian) ~22,000 Largest Cinema chain in Yamatai
Lightfire Cinemas YE 16 Likari Uki ~16,000
Climax Cinemas YE 23 Hugo Trand (Nepleslian) ~18,000
Orange Rooster Cinemas YE 33 Yoshi Karashina ~14,000

Make-Up & Costume designer companies

Company DOE CEO Employees Notes
Kajet & Haker Designs YE 09 Julliete Haker ~500 Costume design
Sunbeat Design YE 14 Richard Hooser ~600 Make-up
Butterfly Designer House YE 19 Sarah Casbye ~500 Make-up
Kantore Design YE 26 Lushi Kantore ~500 Make-up
Mystery Costume Design YE 28 Mark Flinter ~500 Costume design

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