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Yamatai Arts & Music Institute

FIXME This article is a work in progress; It is currently not approved as canon.

The Yamatai Arts & Music Institute, also known for short as YAMI or simply the “Arts Institute”, is an honorary organisation that is focused upon the advancement of Theatre and Music Arts and Sciences.

General Information
Industry Theatre, Music
Abbreviation YAMI
Established YE 16
Key People Kemo Jakis (Director), Liro Kewa (Chairman), Katie West (co-Chairman), Jamati Rego (Head of Artists Group), Kevin Wallon (Head of Producers Group, Nepleslian), Maki Tariwo (Head of Writers Group), Nagi Sawati (Head of Engineers Group)
Headquarters Graphic Complex, Kyoto, Planet Yamatai
Members ~3,000


With the growing success of the Motion Pictures industry, as well as the establishment of the Yamatai National Film Institute in YE 04, the need for a similar institute focused upon the theatre and music industry rose. Although the popularity of classical theatre arts was declining, the electronic theatre grew. In YE 15, long-time Opera House owner and producer Kamano Ragi came together with fellow producers Kemana Rami and Frank Kertin, as well as famous writer Jigi Hokom, to found a new institute similar of structure as YNFI, for the fields of theatre and music. Mostly, it's legal purpose was ultimately to stop the illegal businesses of Ticket resale and File sharing, although their foremost goal was to promote theatrical and music arts and sciences.

In YE 16, when the YAMI was officially founded, an act supported by both the Yamatai National Film Institute and the Ketsurui Clan, Kamano Ragi became its first president, while Kemana Rami and Frank Kertin both held a seat in the Board as Chairman and Co-chairman, respectively. The rule of two chairmen came from the organization's structure in two different entertainment industries. Jigi Hokom became the first head of the writers group. In total, the Institute was divided into four groups: the Artist Group, which was composed of fore-standing performers and musicians, the Producer Group, which housed both producers from theater and music, the Writers Group, which was divided the same way the Producers Group was, and lastly, the Engineering Group, which composed anyone from light to recording technicians.

In YE 19, the Arts Institute created the Marble House Awards, to commemorate achievement in the Theatre industry, and the Soul Awards, for achievement in the Music industry.

The first headquarters of the Arts Institute was in down-town Geshrinopolis, close to those of the Yamatai National Film Institute, until the city was destroyed. The new headquarters of the Arts Institute stand in Kyoto's Downtown district.

Somewhat similar to Yamatai National Film Institute's efforts, the Arts Institute has been working closely with the Yamatai Department of Education to promote careers in theatre and music jobs, as well as various theatre chains across Yamatai space.


Although the security of YAMI's full list of members is somewhat lenient than that of the Yamatai National Film Institute, most public appearances are reserved to the Board of Directors, which houses the two Chairmen and every Head. Eligibility of membership is obtained by the ownership of a Marble House Awards or Soul Awards, or by sponsorship from members. sponsoring is only allowed from the same branch.

Invitations of membership are sent throughout the year, but most of them are obtained during late june, one month after the Soul Awards. Although the list is made public by the Arts Institute, official entrants are not known. Membership can be maintained for life, although most members resign after a period of membership. members who stay longer than 10 years are known as “Veterans” or “Permanent Members”.

The complete assembly convene two times per year, first to choose the winners of the Marble House Awards, and the second time for the Soul Awards.

Institute Groups

Although the Arts Institute is divided into four groups, these group are broken down further into a total of 13 groups:

  1. Artists
    1. Actors
    2. Conductors
    3. Musicians
  2. Producers
    1. Theatre Producers
    2. Record Producers
  3. Writers
    1. Opera Writers
    2. Musical Writers
    3. Songwriters
  4. Engineers
    1. Light Engineers
    2. Scene Designers
    3. Costume Designers
    4. Make-Up
    5. Choreographers

Board of Directors

There are total of seven members on the board of directors, mainly the heads of each group, the two chairmen, and the president. Each head is chosen from a panel of five members from their own group, composed from their sub-groups, and elected for a period of 10 years, bound to a limit of one re-election. The president, as well as the chairmen, are chosen by the complete assembly of members, the president bound to a period of 4 years, limited to one re-election, and the chairmen to a period of 4 years, also limited to one re-election.

The head of each branch act as the main leader to the board, finalising all decisions of the group. Each chairman acts as head of the operations of one of the two fields of the Arts Institute, Theatre and Music. The president acts as the leader of the whole organisation.

There have been a total of 5 presidents of the Arts Institute so far, and a numbers of 9 chairmen. Of these , 4 presidents served their full term, and 7 chairmen served theirs.

Presidents and Chairmen of the Arts Institute

The following is a list of all presidents since YE 16:

Name Term
Kamano Ragi YE 16-YE 24
Millie Fox YE 24-YE 28
Saiki Ukku YE 28-YE 34
Adaichi Konyo YE 34-YE 36 (resigned)
Kemo Jakis YE 36-present

The following is a list of all chairmen since YE 16, grouped in pairs:

Names Term
Kemana Rami & Frank Kertin YE 16-YE 24
Hikora Iomu & Ishi Hotu YE 24-YE 30 (Iomu resigned)
Katoake Himotu & Ishi Hotu YE 30-YE 32 (resigned)
Jeremy Row & Wada Hikaba YE 32-YE 36
Liro Kewa & Katie West YE 36-present

OOC Notes

This page was originally created on 2016/09/08 03:23 by Yoerik. This article was inspired by the Recording Institute and the Broadway League, so all credit goes to them.

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